Tetris 25th Anniversary

Thread in 'Discussion' started by lgb, 6 Jun 2009.

  1. lgb


    Speaking of Google, they've taken that June 6th date and made a logo. "Celebrating 25 years of the Tetris effect -- courtesy of Tetris Holding LLC"
  2. Poochy

    Poochy Unregistered

    Phew. Hopefully that means TTC won't be suing over the fact that the I piece is green. [​IMG]
  3. They swapped the S and I colors so the "l" of the "Google" logo could still be green.
  4. Perhaps not an innappropriate detournement.
  5. Happy 25th, Tetris!
  6. yay hb tetris

    google <3
  7. Ofcourse it's nonsense: Henk Rogers [​IMG] was saying that. [​IMG]
    The many hours I spent playing tetris didn't help me getting good results for exams. [​IMG]
  8. It's good exercise for your brain if you want a brain optimized for playing Tetris, but I'm not sure how much that helps in other aspects of life.
  9. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    Tetris helped me learn Blockout, and Blockout helped me learn to stack outgoing shipments in a warehouse.
  10. lgb


    Has Alexey made any serious improvements to Tetris gameplay since the original program?
  11. Muf


    As far as I know, any improvements since the Elektronika version were contributed (in chronological order) by Gerasimov (colours), Sega (lockdown), Atari (wallkicks), BPS (hard drop), Shimizu (20G), Arika (IRS, TLS, audible previews), Nintendo (hold), Arika (firm drop), BPS (move reset *cough* questionable "improvement"), and Arika (IHS).
  12. BPS (four orientation (TETRIS 2+BomBliss)). Which game introduced ghost?

    Also for Sega (lockdown), didn't the original version reportedly have move reset? Nintendo/BPS (multiple preview and hold)
  13. Gerasimov's DOS port has hard drop, as well as a buggy implementation of TLS called "phantom."
  14. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    Any PC based clone that doesn't clear the key buffer during ARE has IRS.

    Midway's Klax had hold and multiple previews long before any Tetris game did.

    Cascade gravity appeared in Dr. Mario. Sticky gravity, a predecessor to the "sticky by color" used in The Next Tetris, appeared in Nintendo's Blastris and BPS's Bombliss. As for introducing full cascade gravity to the tetromino game, did Quadra come out before or after Tetris Worlds?

    The puzzle mode of Tetris Party might be related to the "Genetic Engineering" game that Gerasimov mentioned in passing.

    Everyone knows the "tetr" part of the mark comes from a Greek word for "four". But I've traced the "is" part back to a Proto-Indo-European root word that has English reflexes "retain", "thin", and surprisingly "tetanus". See my blog.
  15. Arika calls ghost TLS (temporary landing system) and strongly implies that it's their invention, but who knows.

    Also it's hard to describe how the original version worked... It uses terminal protocol instead of updating the entire screen, and doesn't really seem to work in frames as we normally think of them.
  17. jujube

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    it does say that in the IBM Tetris page in the wiki, but the game actually has firm drop (at least in version 3.1.2). after a piece is dropped you have a very short amount of time to slide it, probably equal to the rate of gravity. so maybe it was really the first game with firm drop.

    maybe we're thinking about two different things, but phantom mode in Tetris 3.1.2 makes the O pieces invisible.
  18. If the "is" from "tennis" does go all the way back to "tetanus", then maybe that explains why Tetris seems like something you need an inoculation against.
  19. I could have sworn this activated TLS last time I played, but apparently I was remembering things wrong, haha.

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