"TetriCrisis 4 110% A.I. Turbo™" - REMASTERED Edition!

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  1. Hi,

    My team is preparing to release an update to our popular cross-platform open-source SDL2 Tetris game.
    This new update is to prepare for a new game using the Unreal Engine.
    (this version is "Street Legal" and runs SDL version 2.0.12 under the hood)

    You can download the full game at below URL link:
    (game works on both Windows & Linux 64Bit desktop/laptop computer systems)

    Click below URL link to visit the official GitHub webpage:


    If you have any issues and/or any suggestions for improvement then just post them to this forum thread...




    - Absolutely 100% FREE With No Advertisements & No In-App Purchasing!
    - Runs 100% On ANY Supported 64Bit Windows Or Linux Desktop Or Laptop
    - Game Is A 100% Perfect Nintendo Gameboy Port Of The Classic Original
    - Beautiful Full Color And High Resolution Visual Graphics
    - Awesome Multi-Channel Digital Sound Effects
    - Amazing Digital Music Soundtrack By "D.J. Fading Twilight"
    - Easy To Play Keyboard, Mouse, And/Or USB Gamepad(Three Max) Controls
    - Play Against Up To Three Other Friends Or Aggressively Smart Artificial Intelligence Computer Players
    - Six Amazing Game Modes Including: "Original" & The New "Crisis+Mode"
    - Saved High Score Table For Each Game Mode
    - Completely Configurable Saved Game Options
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  2. Looks interesting enough. I seem to remember you guys releasing a couple of other Tetris games in the past but I don't remember the details, what happened to them?

    Also, would you be interested in adding a page to the wiki?
  3. We are preparing to work on a radically new Tetris game using the Unreal Engine.
    Updating "TetriCrisis 4 110% A.I. Turbo™" is in preparation of above new game...
    Also feel free to add this game to the official Wiki, thanks!
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