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  1. A few swedes are looking for revenge, is TEC 2016 going to happen?
  2. i am under the impression that it is in may, i believe the 20th. chris mentioned it during an interview at the CTWC.
  3. Muf


    I hope not; that would clash with Stunfest, which I was planning on attending.

    Now I really need to come to Stunfest!
  5. So the official dates are May 20-21 and at the same location as last year according to the facebook (but no word on their twitter acc so I had to search around since I don't use facebook)
    I'll go regardless if there is only NES tetris or if there will be others as well (since I live really close)

    Anyone else going?
  6. Hm it's the same date as the Stunfest...

    ... But I think I'll get there! Probably we'll do the same thing as previously but without some of the shenanigans :p
  7. I hope I'll be able to bring TGM this year, but I haven't talked too much with the organizers about the event details yet. The venue this time around is really interesting I think, should allow for a more social experience.
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  8. I don't have a lot of time on my hands, but I'll book my tickets soonish. Is CPH the way to go?

    @Burbruee : Hotel stuff like the previous time?

    Does anyone have the link of the event? tetriseuropeanchampionship.com is 403 and tetrischampionship.com makes no mention of the TEC. @Sumez?
  9. Muf


    Just a heads up, I'm probably not coming. Couldn't get any confirmation on a place to stay or really any practical information at all from the organisation, and I've been through some rough shit the past few months, so it's not worth the stress for me to attend / help out. I tip my hat to @Sumez who will undoubtedly put up a great stream in my absence.
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  10. I think it's just a Facebook page this time around?

    If CPH is cheapest, go for it. It's the only airport in this end of Denmark.

  11. Sure, hopefully we'll both have a bed both days this time around..... :facepalm:

    Looked around for hotels near the new venues, looking to be around €320 for two nights. Hmmm.. a bit expensive.
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  12. If you have any trouble with accomodation, let me know and I'll ask around.

    Supposedly Friday and Saturday are two separate locations (though they are both in Copenhagen itself this time). As far as I recall, Friday will have the arcade competition, and Saturday will focus on NES. But I'll be sure to push for a TGM cab present on Saturday as well.
    There won't be qualifications for NES on Friday either, even though I'm sure the game will be there. There's an afterparty Friday too, at a different venue close by.
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  13. We'll be lacking your hardware expertise for sure, so we'll never have as awesome crisp an image as the one you helped with, and we won't be able to use real video cameras. :)
    But I'll make sure to get the most out the stream I can, considering our "pretty much 0" budget. If I had a Tetrisconcept banner, I would be sure to hang it up at the venue as well. ;)

    As you know we've been trying to use the software that was used for CTWC to parse the game footage, display score difference, etc, but unfortunately it was made for one very specific device, and considering the PAL output might also cause an issue, there's very little change anyone's gonna invest in two of the same model of capture dongles that were used in Portland. We tried to set it up yesterday, and I'm greatly thankful to Trey for wanting to put time into helping set it up.

    I'm working on a ghetto RGB/component setup right now, and In a worst case scenario we're gonna end up with some crappy composite capture, but no matter what happens, I promise the Stream will be awesome to follow! The chat alone was amazing last year.
  14. Muf


    I would've loved to come if details like there being multiple locations and having to move between them, as well as things like sleeping arrangements etc. could have been hashed out well in advance. There not being a budget is not a problem, but planning everything with less than a month of advance notice, and Chriss not replying to my messages, is. The thing that put me off coming the most is that instead of people reaching out to me to come, I've had to fish for details from my end. Last year it was Thomas' enthusiasm and determination that pushed me to make the trip, and even then it ended up being quite stressful and badly prepared. Going forward, I'd expect people to learn from that experience and improve it the next time, not make it worse.

    I could mail a box with gear like capture cards and VGA extenders, but there'd have to be budget for that (I guess it'd be something like 20 euro postage each way).
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  15. Small bump here for this event, since it's today or something.

    NES playoffs aren't till tomorrow, but today we'll warm up with VS battles in Game Boy (difficult to stream) and good ol' TAP (easy to stream).
    Since I doubt we're gonna have a lot of good TGM players, I'm sort of curious how it's gonna turn out, apart from Qlex cleaning up everything.

    So keep an eye out on TetrisEurope @ Twitch
    If we don't have too many technical difficulties (hahahahahahahaha yeah right) we'll probably being streaming around 4pm Central European Time.

  16. I'm on my way now. Train a bit late as it has to take a different route, but hopefully I'll be there before the GB competition begins.
  17. Who won the arcade? Where can we see the brackets?
  18. QLex won (congrats!) and everything is recorded on the twitch channel Sumez linked.
  19. I hope whoever owns the account highlights the replays because they will expire if they are not.
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  20. I have just created highlights for this year:
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