TDS and TGM gameplay difference ?

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    Yop hello everybody !

    the comparison with TGM is inevitable...

    i' ve bought the game yesterday, because i though it could be a good step to learn SRS (and because i'll be on Paris this week end and the travel will be looooong....)

    so there is lot of good stuff on this game but i will not talk about that (just go on a dedicated fan site for that), i will give my "bad" feeling :

    so far i've played a "little".... well just enough to complete the 200 lines marathon mode... at first play [​IMG]

    the game start (20G), and instantly you have to start with the first piece on the bottom ??? we can't see the first distribution until the game start ??? hmmm ok...

    "only" 2 buttons, well this is not a problem... nothing to blame in particulary

    6 next tetrimino visible ? wow interesting, but well... the screen flash color fill is not very good for optimum tetramino color recognition.

    as expected there is no ARE, but stacking at 20G using Instant Lock is a little bit irritating at first since the next piece is instantly dealed... well just a small adaptation for TGM player but certainly difficult for other... but definitively not "elegant"...

    one of the badest thing i feel is that there is no IRS, IHS, Instant Lock (up) after rows, but DAS yes !

    but the worst is the 2 non visibles lines where the piece always spawn. The spawn tetramino should alway be visible on the playfield, the way used should be used only when the stack reach dangerously the playfield top !

    finnaly the SRS or TDS and SRS from ACE is very different ! i wonder why they want to use "guideline" if this is just a name... for the "designed by Alex Pajitnov" on the starting screen ?

    ok back to work.... [​IMG]

    ps : if somebody can tell me WTF is going on the upper screen during play is the one...

    ARE = hmm... "gameplay feature from TGM" ?

    IRS = Initial Rotation System

    IHS = Initial Hold System

    DAS = Delayed Auto Shift

    SRS = Super Rotation System

    for further explanation on specific term go to the wiki pages (still building):
  2. you say you want to learn srs, but yet you complain about not seeing the top rows! i tell you, man-- this is the best way to learn a new position/rotation system. though, it shouldn't really matter, since you should play with shadow, else you'll always have to hold down to see what you're placing in a multiplayer game-- if only for that reason.

    "the screen flash color fill is not very good for optimum tetramino color recognition." what does this mean?

    also, how exactly is srs different in tetris ds than in ace? if anything, i'd bet ace is more guideline correct since i'm betting ttc keeps more of an eye on them.
  3. One difference I know of is in TDS you can hold Down to lower the piece and then press Down a second time to lock the piece. I can't think of another game that works that way.
  4. K


    hmm, in my opinion the best way to learn the rotation system is the IRS

    well finally i have to stop complaining and just learn...

    well sorry for my engrish :

    i think that the 6 piece are not very well placed for "look up" and ambiant color and animation don't help much...

    ps : All your bases are belong to us !

    ps2 : hope we will fight together (i'm still watching for a wifi access)

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