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    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    It is just for fun..Please don't see any fachist intention with the idea of classing people..I know that some players here hates that but I just wanted to see..
    I propose to edit our TOP TGM 10 player list and see if everybody think the same or not..ONLY TGM skill (TGM/TAP/TI) and nothing else !
    Here is mine :

    EXTRA RANK : BATFLY (= show what you do out of TAP)
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  2. Ai


    Very difficult to compose a top 10. How does one rate the difficulty of the different games?

    I agree with your top 3. colour_thief is overall the best player because he plays a lot of modes in which he's most of the time at the top. Though jago is clearly the better player in the main TGM and TAP modes. I would put you 4th and the rest is a lot more difficult to position.

    But I believe that one must at least be in the TGM1, TAP Master and TAP T.A. Death top 10 or very close to be in the overall Western TGM top 10. I say this because those are the modes that most people are playing over here.
  3. Going on leaderboards, rednefed should be above Kevin. He's Death M, higher on both Special Ti and TAP Master. Kevin is only marginally ahead for Sudden Ti.

    I'd tentatively suggest Digital shouldn't be that high, but that's only really on the basis that his outdated TAP scores are quite low down on the leaderboards. His Ti scores are still damn amazing.

    Other than that, I can't really argue any of the other points. I think it's very hard to split between 3rd and 7th because we're all good at different modes and games. I don't know matt's scores on Sudden/Special Ti though.
  4. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Red and kevin ? I don't know...
    Red has just a young and shy DEATH M, if I had not considered the TI M ROLL performance of kevin yesterday, maybe I would have put kevin behind red..
    Don't forget the TI WORLD ability of kevin..
  5. I don't think the Ti World ability is that revolutionary, given that he plays it quite a lot. I'm pretty sure if I bothered to drop ARS for a week in favour of SRS I could get similar performances. I've only had a handful of runs on Blockbox Expert Ti with SRS and I can get over 500 pretty consistently.
    I mean, I got Death Gm with SRS after only half an hour or so of playing.

    Completed credit roll is very impressive, but I think given their similarities on the leaderboards for Ti modes, with rednefed being considerably faster in Special Ti as well, the difference in TAP ability easily pushes things in red's favour.
  6. My m-roll sucks and my TAP is very, very inconsistent (honestly, death m was a very lucky shot) so make of that what you will.
  7. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    shit..I had forgoten EIhoppe, it is too hard actually..There is no any constant rule to describe the quantity of skill for each mode.. [​IMG]
    I was expecting to get some attempt of ranking by some people, but you are more prudent than me..
  8. I need to update my TAP and TGM1 scores...I have a orange line S6 in Master and a 12min GM in TGM1 now. Give me a day or two. Also in Special Ti I now have a 6:48 time, but that's still probably too slow. Another thing is that I am very close to clearing the TAP M-Roll, only 10-15 secs remaining on average.

    EDIT: NO!!! Don't give me a day! I WILL DO IT TONIGHT!!!

    I agree with the list, mostly. I was surprised Kitaru didn't show up somewhere, though.
  9. He was there until EIHoppe usurped him.
  10. The NonTerror_caffeine26_2009-4-23

    Find leaderboard combining TGM1, TAP Master, and TAP Death rankings.

    First take the top 32 TGM finishers. Keep only the names that appear on the TAP Master and TAP Death also. Make three new leaderboards for each mode, but containing only the isolated names. Add up the rankings and sort in ascending order.


    1 jago
    2 CT
    3 Amnesia
    4 dehacked
    5 edo
    6 matt_hatter
    6 cyberguile
    8 rosti
    9 digital
    10 rednefed
    11 kitaru
    12 mfm005
    13 eihoppe
    13 etherstorm
    15 lost
    16 billmaan
    16 mushroom
    18 taratang
    19 shade
    20 statikeffeck
    21 ken
    22 poochy
    23 gila
    24 deepdorp
    25 petitprince
    25 quad
  11. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    few months ago I was working on a formulation pretty good including a coeficient, relative to the number of player..Something very close to your method but a bit more complex and accurate..The project had been rejected by everybody..

    I really don't see why TGM and TAP should be considered as more important than TI..
  12. I didn't include TGM3 since there's not enough reliable data.
  13. Ai


    It's not like I was trying to say that TGM or TAP are more important. The best players should be ranked high in the main modes of the 3 games. That is all. But seeing as not everyone plays all games equally this is very difficult to do.

    And I wasn't targetting Kevin as I know he can do much better. Just like I believe DIGITAL would be ranked higher in TGM and TAP if he tried seriously.

    So how would you rank the games on difficulty? Are they all equally important? Certainly not for sure. They all are difficult in some way if you want to be truly good at them.
  14. caffeine's method hurts me pretty hard on account of my complete lack of interest in TGM1 time-attack.
  15. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Yes, TGM1 is mainly a matter of patience, and optimisation for DAS and lock delay finesse..but from 11min to 9min, I don't think we can say that there is a real gap of skill..Much less imo than a TI master finished in 6min and another in 5min..
  16. It's weird because I think the exact opposite... Going from 11 minutes to 9 minutes is incredible.
  17. I don't know if he didn't mean "11:xx" when he said 11 min, rather than 11:00:00.

    Not really sure though. I think finishing TGM1 in 9 minutes flat and Ti in 5 minutes flat are both amazing feats.
  18. I was going to do a TAP Master and TAP Death combo, but I lacked the will power after I finished the first one (hey, I don't even play the damn games!).
  19. No doubt, but the change in skill level is greater in TGM1. 11:00 means you're good enough to get GM on demand, and 9:00 means you're practically the best.
  20. K


    qu'est ce qu'il faut pas lire... WTF are you writing ?


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