TAP's hidden mysteries

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  1. I've just discovered something incredible about TAP! It's amazing how after all these years a game we've played so much can still hide something so large. Most of you have probably experienced the password that shows up after a game over, right? And if you know your history, the usual explanation for this is that it was programmed in for use in some sort of online ranking system, however there never was an online ranking system.

    This is not true.

    No, I'm not talking about some secret online ranking system... What would be the point of having almost nobody to compete with? No, this is something that was kept deep underground. A dangerous, terrible secret.

    It recently came to my attention that there are other uses for passwords in arcade games. I'm afraid there's no other reasonable explanation. TAP gives you passwords to access secret Arika Tetris porn. (!!!!!)

    So you see, TGM4 is not a shocking departure from the series' roots. Instead, it's merely making its true nature public.

    Pics coming soon.
  2. This is old news, Edo discovered it ages ago...

    <edo> it's haerd tpw play tetirs and whathc a girl mssaturbate at the same teim

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  3. Ok guys, here's how you do this. First I'll refresh your memory on what the attract mode looks like. There's this part that has a scrolling URL for Arika's website:


    Now comes the tricky part. I haven't quite figured out what triggers it yet, but if you satisfy certain requirements (let's call them the h-roll conditions) something special will change in the game. Could it be the number 8 is special?


    Probably not, that would be stupid. But once you do this the attract mode will subtly change the address that scrolls by. How subtle is that eh?


    Then pandora's box is open... You just visit the site and input your code for porn. For example, that worthless TGM+ performance above gave me an animated gif of some anime chick shitting blue I blocks.

    You guys should try it out and post your results.
  4. pix or it didn't happen :AWE:
  5. Blue I blocks? If Arika's not going to take this seriously, then I won't waste my time. I expect more from my tetris porn.
  6. K


    wtf are you talking about..
    i tried your "magic number" stuff but the arika.co.jp didn't displayed anything else.

    at this point you could directly give the incriminated URL instead of bluring it..:confused:
  7. Last I checked, the calendar was saying September 14, not April 1...
  8. Holy shit, I got it too!

    Mine's an anime girl deepthroating a J piece!
  9. not sure wether you're joking are not but


    I didn't get the alternative url

    (wouldn't surprise me since I always thought mihara was weird. I mean, a human fetus as a back screen, the yuki mode and not such weird things in TAP ? non sense :p )
  10. cyberguile: you need to hold down buttons after you die (while the playing field fades out) to get the code to appear.
  11. You must first satisfy the h-roll requirements! I see no point in giving out the URL... Imagine how you would feel if you cheated for your first GM record? I can't let you spoil yourself from satisfying the h-roll conditions.
  12. *walks in*


    *walks out*
  13. K




    Porn for real men...
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  14. First you must go into the super secret Arika staff only menu and set ARS to move reset.
  15. [​IMG]
  16. ryanheise

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    I see that this game has failed to live up to what little regard I still had placed in it.
  18. Thread rescued!
  19. K


  20. K


    i remember now about tesselate..
    i didn't knew about the "IRC Quotes on the wiki" issues.

    anyway i have to say that this paper is probably the best i read in years about tetris analysis.:\

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