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Thread in 'Competition' started by FreakyByte, 4 Mar 2016.

  1. "Tired of wrestling with your doubles opponent? Tired of the input bugs? Here's the solution." -MaryHadALittle
    I've tried this out on stream to day, and some people seemed to like it, so we thougt someone should create a leaderboard for this. It's working like so:
    Enter Doubles with one player only. On the side you've started the game, try to play as good as possible without touching the other players input. The ranking will be like this:

    inactive player levels > player levels > time, at which you've scored the inactive players level
    Because of that, you will be trying to let the inactive player's blocks clear the lines.
                          |       LEVEL'S     |          |
    NAME ---------------- | Inactive | Active |   Time   |
    MaryHadALittle ------ |    72    |  229   | 06:17:18 |
    Steadshot ----------- |    52    |  300   | 06:37:28 |
    FreakyByte ---------- |    44    |  244   | 05:21:80 |
    EnchantressOfNumbers  |    36    |  144   | 04:06:00 |
    nahucirujano -------- |    34    |  300   | 05:39:81 |
    If you like the idea, give it a try! :D
    (Btw, how do I add a twitch link inside the code tags? I try to add a hyperlink, but it's not working...)
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  2. [​IMG]

    p1 - 191
    p2 - 33
    @ 03:56:23

    This is pretty fun! I messed up the recording so a video will have to come with my next PB.


    P1 - 249
    P2 - 51
    Time: 05:52:00


    0G finesse is very strange with the shifted spawn positions in doubles. I also kept glancing at the P2 piece preview instead of P1's, so I misdropped a lot in practice.

    Time-buying strategies are fun and goofy. When P1's gravity is faster than P2's, you can rest your active piece on top of P2's to have them fall together and gain more thinking time.
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  3. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    AWESOME !!! :D
    This is one of the best idea I have seen since the Secret grade challenge !!
    There is so much to explore in term of skill and strategy. I will definitely try seriously when I will be back on TAP.
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  4. New PB during today's stream:

    Inactive player's level: 44
    Active player's level: 244
    Time: 05:21:80

    Level 210+ is pretty fast in this mode. :D
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  5. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I even wonder if a 300-300 is TASable :D
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  6. I've wondered about this myself. Specifically, I think it might be possible to manipulate the das bug to move the second player's piece.
  7. I thought about that, too. I want to try and make such a TAS, but I don't exactly know how to do it, yet.
  8. Got my first half-clear:

    Edit: Video
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  9. Half cleared ;)
    Edit: new time best.

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  10. New time best:
    Inactive: 36
    Active 300.
    Time: 4:27:03
    Although, now that I notice, I have a Inactive 37 clear.

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  11. P1 (inactive): 63
    P2 (active): 270
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  12. P1 (inactive): 72
    P2 (active): 229
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