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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 29 Mar 2007.

  1. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake


    Welcome to the last new very active players ! now we are more than 100 and I have removed 2 old names (my ex gf + an old friend who will never touch the game again, he was the last one of the ranking..)

    Shit....I am now 9th and I will never beat someone anymore.... :'(

    MaryHadALittle => Fuck you...:|
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  2. You didn't update the world record!

    Edit: what the hell, it brings up the whole tweet? That's pretty cool.
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  3. Dig deeper, my PB is 10:02:75
  4. Jii



    New pb timewise. Still need to shave over 15 seconds from that 8:45.
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  5. Finally got somewhere, after being stuck on S1 for aaaages. I'd like to learn how to stack fewer singles in 20g (as it seems I have mostly these), but I guess that will come with time.
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  6. SQR just beat the world record: Orange GM in 7:15.60

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  7. Lol, the guys are on fire :)
    I thought Koo didn't play anymore ?
    Really happy to see him back :)
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  9. CPN


    Finally cracked S5. The whole first half of the game was cleanup.


    I think gazing into the Death black hole is the way forward. I bet if I get into the 300s more regularly and break 400, I will feel real confidence in 800-999.
  10. [​IMG]

    Yay new stick PB, 2nd Orange Line ever too :) !

    I noticed I play noticably faster these days (wandering into the 400's of Death Mode sure is helping), and i'm sure I will be able to beat my Keyboard PB soon !
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  11. It's actually been a while since I updated. So here's the current progress:
    I originally got S1 a while back. Yet since then I stopped playing and switched to PTCGO and LoL before the season ended. Because of that my grade tanked back down to 2. Though that's the second time I've reached 699 now. Both the music stopping before the change and TGM2's music bug really put me off.
    Video for those who want to see slow af plays.
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  12. It's actually pretty good! You just need some time, also change some multitaps into DAS moves and you won't block your pieces in weird positions. Aside from that I think you can get a pretty good grade!
  13. Not really a record in terms of absolute level or time but
    Nice and early 1. Got it around lv470ish.
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  14. FeV


    I could feel I was really close to S5.. I even got a tetris after 750 and still didn't make it. Oh well.
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  15. Looking at the grading system it seems S4 is the hardest of the S grades to break (Seeing as S4 is technically three grades.)
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  16. FeV


    Oh, that makes sense. I was thinking it was just two internal grades. Well good to know. :p
  17. Jii




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  18. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Become a Master before Chrismas !
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  19. I was trying to get S6 before New Years, but today I ended up getting S7 999 @ 9:49:18 instead. My first clear of TAP Master mode, unfortunately I didn't manage to survive the fading roll.

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  20. Good job! It's alright, the 900 section is crazy enough if you're not used to it!
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