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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 29 Mar 2007.

  1. Ai


    muf was refering to the I-piece he got 32 seconds into the video. He should have indeed gone for the tetris there. At the end it wasn't possible like you say. I would have put the T-piece on the left or created an overhang on the right side.

    @ Ray Ayanami:

    Looks very good. Work on survivability and try to keep the stack as low as possible in 20G to give yourself a chance to correct mistakes when you mess up.
  2. I would have put the I there too, don't feel bad~
  3. COL


    :D (green line)
  4. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm


    Ne`er hath such victory concluded with such a defeat.

    (Click the pic for the vid)

    Section     Time   Cumulative  Tetrises  
      0- 99     58.31    0:58.31   3
    100-199     56.55    1:54.86   5
    200-299     55.90    2:50.76   4
    300-399     59.86    3:50.63   3
    400-499     58.31    4:48.95   4
    500-599     52.18    5:41.13   3
    600-699     50.80    6:31.93   3
    700-799     44.58    7:16:51   1
    800-899     38.23    7:54.75   2  Last split across 899 level step
    900-999     35.21    8:29.95   0
                                   28 Silver SK
  5. Ai


    Woah congrats! Invisible play wasn't that bad either. Did you know you were on track for m or did you only realize when the m-roll started? Great job. cyberguile and Rosti are next.

    Top 20 COL. Nice!
  6. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

    I have this nasty tendency of doing really well in one half even though I completely screw up something in the other. Far too often once ~780 hits I make a chain of mistakes and don't recover. Even though I was doing great I was half expecting myself to mess up. Once I had my S9 and the stack was in good condition at ~950, then I realized that all I had to do was keep the pace and I would probably get my M.

    As for the credit roll, I was high on adrenaline and usually do a bit better than that.
  7. may I say I hate you at least as much as I hate this game ?
    good job ;)
  8. DeHackEd that's awesome! About time you got the grade you deserved, haha. Now Rosti has to step it up... :p
  9. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Well done Sean. You deserve it, you are a very rigorous and accurate player. I also was not surprised at all that you beaten me on DOUBLE with c_t..
    I am also glad to notice that no one USA player achieved it..Try to guess why..Coincidence or proof that american guys are over excited ?

    Your last problem is that you suck a little bit on TI..Otherwise you are a great TGM player.
  10. Hey congrats DeHackEd! That just might be the push I need to finally renew my record. :D

  12. motivation is coming back :)
  13. S9, 999 @ 8:57:78 but green line. Gold ST, SK, but couldn't wrap it up in the credit roll after an unexpected synchro.

  14. Edit: I just remembered that I had the 20G code activated as well, so it's not a valid record anyway.

    Grade: S7
    Score: 180388
    Level: 999
    Finish time: 11:15.85

    Finished the disappearing roll (that makes it a green line, right?)
    Tetrising on the left the entire game
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  15. Ai


    As far as I know you will have to play on TAP to get your records accepted over here. It shouldn't be a problem to improve your current record. You beter join an ass and me to get S8 or S9 by the end of the year. So should PetitPrince, Zircean, DDRKirby(ISQ) and a few others probably. ^^

    Also finishing the game is green line and clearing the semi-invincible roll will give you an orange line on the leaderboard.

    Tetrising on the left like mfm005. Have you been playing like this for a long time or only occasionally? Does it feel easier? It happens that I start tetrising on the left for a while (in 20G in most cases), but that's only because I have no other choice due to me messing up the stack. ^^'
  16. Yeah, I'm going to need to haul ass and be S9 by the end of the year, otherwise I'm a failure of a tetris player... Too much Ti lately has shot my TAP skills full of holes kinda.
  17. Ai


    Any tips on how to tackle my sad Ti skills? Still stuck at 350 in Sudden over here. I'll try to play more often for starters of course.

    The Sudden Ti records you submitted recently have impressed me. I tried practicing a while ago, but I have a lot of difficulty manual locking. This is because I have no idea how I'm supposed to keep track of the 3 Next Pieces and use Hold at that speed.
  18. Hold, hold and more hold. Though both hold and three previews aren't really something you can properly practise, unless you just play slowly to pay attention to planning ahead.

    Holding, kevholding and using the previews are really just things you pick up over time and with practise in Ti modes.
  19. Actually, I was just practicing TGM+ in 20G and accidentally chose Master instead of TGM+, but decided to go with it instead of suiciding. Then I decided I needed practice with left-side Tetrising, so I stuck with it for the whole game.
  20. S9, 999 @ 9:03:01. Orange line this time. Damn. Can't have everything.

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