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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 29 Mar 2007.

  1. mat


    Fiiiiiiiinally! 287B6DAA-0618-4129-BE60-43524DF9AAA1.jpeg
    Took a minute.
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  2. Whoops I messed up my initials
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    I figured a new GM and newly-orange GM warranted an update. As usual, let me know if I missed anything or if you spot an issue with the formatting.

    @mat: Congratulations on finally reaching GM! I recorded your score as a green line. Nice looking monitor too!

    @eskatre: Grats on leveling up to orange

    @xyrnq Your M is finally on the board. Above mine :V

    I expect a lot more M's soon. These S9 times are getting pretty hot.
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  4. Been aiming this for one month or two, but i did it !!! i just did become S9. I don't know if i will try to aim higher, but anyway i'm so happy ! maybe i will try to clear the semi-invisible sometime, but my next goal right now is to get death 500.

    Crashdown - S9 - 10:39:31

    S9 !!!!!!!!.png
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  5. My first (non-Texmaster) TAP clear! Shmupmametgm, so hopefully it's the right framerate.

    Edit: Also adding a better S6 time, with an annoying 998 topout.

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  6. Orange S8. Done properly, with a joystick, not SNES controller. A real sign of improvement.
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  7. Today was a good day.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    First a PB by one grade without clearing, and then another grade immediately afterwards. Was like one second short of clearing the fading roll on that S8 too.
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  8. This is a little bit of an improvement.

    Edit: Just noticed this is an EXACT tie of an existing score in the leaderboard. That seems... improbable.

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  9. Best game to date. Running on PCB
    TAP S7 969.jpg
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  10. Yeah... Finally some TAP progress xD:

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  11. kai


    new M in town, nerds B)

  12. gg kai!
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  13. S9 - 10:07:53

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  14. Sub-10! (But no 5sec roll clear this time...)

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  15. [​IMG]
    Finally, score worth sharing
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  16. Hi! Quick update here: I'm going to be updating the leaderboards tonight/tomorrow and I'm in need of everyone's help here. Can Everyone please verify if your scores are running on PCB, MAME 60Hz or MAME 61.681173Hz? For now every score unverified will be marked with a "???". The reason why I'm doing this is because some players deem 60Hz MAME scores to be 'illegitimate' as they are running slower than the original game (giving you a tiny bit more time to react.) Nowadays the up to date versions of shmupmametgm run the game at the correct speed so I'd ask you to download the version linked in the original post.

    Thanks for the help!
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  17. DDRKirby(ISQ)-----------M - 999 @ 08:41:28 - 08/16/15
    This was done on Mame 60Hz (old MAME).
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  18. all my current pbs are on your board
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