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  1. @Raxa I said I might get back to you on using TAP with my setup, and my supergun was fixed yesterday, so I decided to try. TAP is hard to work with thanks to its odd frame rate (see: https://tetrisconcept.net/threads/tap-video-issue-double-image.2637/ ) but thankfully, the JROK and Elgato seem to have worked out well.

    So, first I connected this to a small CRT that includes both composite and S-video. The colors on this tv are fucked (and I'm not sure why, but it is not an issue exclusive to TAP) but TAP ran flawlessly on both composite and S-video connections. It is worth noting that this TV was clearly produced during the last few years of CRT production.

    Now, the CRT in my bedroom is quite a bit older, and does not have S-video input. So with a composite connection, It displayed the image but with a weird wobble effect. The wobble effect was much more obvious than this video lets on, but here is a video:

    Next, I had to check how well the capture worked out. The way I had video capture running while I streamed tgm1 was to simply connect to the tv through composite, and the elgato via s-video, as pictured here.

    Considering the S-video and composite work at the same time, a safe assumption is that component should also work, if you feel like going all out for some reason or another.

    And it worked! The elgato captured TAP with a nice, clear image.

    I have no clue what would happen with another capture device, or more importantly, another RGB to NTSC encoder. But this setup works for me.
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  2. @JBroms Thanks for the reply and advice! Looks like I'm going to be going with the JROK 4.1 and this VGA out converter to be able to use the computer monitor that I got for free. Assuming the picture looks okay... I want to basically build a custom small arcade cabinet that will basically be somewhere around 2ft wide, 3ft long and 1.5-2ish feet tall that will contain the components, computer monitor, joystick/buttons, and cables sticking out to be able to plug the unit into the wall for power and a component or s-video cable out that I can plug into my elgato capture card. If I can make it work, it will be awesome. I'm planning on using wood and staining it dark brown with a clear coat, kind of like a nice, dark, oak table kind of feel in the shape of this, but smaller. :D
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  3. That sounds ill-advised due to the unnecessary conversion to S-Video and back before connecting to your monitor. That generic VGA converter is almost certainly going to have some stupid amount of lag and will also look pretty awful (if you thought scaled video looked poor, wait until you see scaled video with S-Video artifacts introduced). You'd be better off using a Gonbes (doesn't look amazing but is pretty good compared to scaled S-Video and is also basically lagless) scaler or Arcadeforge SLG In A Box to output to the computer AND your capture card. Both your monitor and capture card take 31k VGA so there is no reason to ever convert downwards towards component or S-Video.
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  4. Muf


    I'd recommend asking your questions here (if you have Facebook): The CRT Collective. Aside from me and Kevin there aren't many knowledgeable people on TC with regards to arcade signals and CRT monitors.
  5. @Raxa I actually own one of those vga converters. Do not buy it. I haven't touched it in years (I used it simply so I could watch TV without a tv) but I remember testing the lag on it, I got something well over 20ms.
  6. Yes, but it's a little involved.

    If you already have a Raspberry Pi lying around, this is a great solution. Otherwise you are starting to get nearer the price point of a Framemeister.
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  7. Thanks, again @KevinDDR for the advice before I bought anything. I really appreciate all the help here.

    With the advice, I am thinking the Gonbes 8220 would be my best bet since it had 2 DB15 VGA outputs. I have this SCART to VGA cable, will I be able to use the SCART output on the Supergun to plug straight into the VGA input on the Gonbes 8220?

    The DB15 output obviously will work with the computer monitor that I have, so no issues there, but with my capture card, it has an hdmi input, I have a composite to hdmi converter that I've been using no problem with my xbox, snes, ps2 systems. However would this converter work okay since the Gonbes 8220 only has VGA outputs?

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