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Thread in 'Competition' started by colour_thief, 9 Aug 2006.

  1. I can taste it...

  2. Finally reached 300+ levels. Next day after Carnival of Death is over \ : D /
    319 death.jpg
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  3. Muf



    The torikan is my bitch
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  4. ei


    Cross-post from the carnival thread now that that's over and I actually remembered that I should post it here as well:


    723 @ 4:29.13
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    819 @ 5:23:41
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  6. Little better. 347 death pb.jpg
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  7. GM @ 6:30:80

    But I can go faster than that...
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  8. FeV


    Guess this 6:13 is actually my fastest video now, so I'll post it:

    Belated congrats on that sick GM by the way, @eskatre ;) I'm quaking in my boots with how fast you're improving, hahaha.
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  9. It's been a while since I PB'd death. I had a few games because master was frustrating me. 599 @ 3:56:76. I had about 4 pieces where I couldn't clear a line either :(

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  10. Jii



    I finally beat this goddamn mode.
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  11. Recorded one of my friends, which recently started playing Death at the meeting in Mainz.

    He did 197@1:49:90 and goes by HCT.

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  12. Finally 400+!

    407 death.jpg
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  13. [​IMG]

    GM @ 05:23:50
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  14. FeV


    Too good.
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  15. I will say

    I'm a little scared right now
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  16. FeV


    This kind of competition doesn't come around much so at least you've given me one more person to aim at... I will beat both of you in MAME if I have to! though im pretty sure your record is safe for a while ;>_> Hahaha. Death race 2017
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  17. I got pissed off with failing at the invisible roll and switched over to Death for a while.

  18. Another from the D-pad archives: 458 (stick is lagging, only up to 428 with that):
    Time is as bad as can be, but my goal is to survive to 500 first before worrying about that.
  19. upload_2017-9-13_19-14-41.png
    second M rank, 2 levels below the first one which I got on texmaster
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  20. I guess I never posted this here, whoops! Got GM in 5:48:51 the other week:


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