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    (congrats, shit's crazy)
  2. Ai


    Congratulations with this amazing achievement tet2brik! It takes hard work and persistence to get the m grade, and you did just that. You too will get there eventually if you stay motivated nicofromtokyo. Good luck! ^^
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  4. nononononono :o

    Keep going! You can do it!
  5. GG Nico !!!! You will be a Master in T.A Death for sure. Now it's just a question of tries....8 days before the end of the year :)
  6. Doooooooooooone !!


    Totally shitty stack, from beginning to end, don't expect to see any tetris on that game, I just kept concentrated on singles to keep my stack low and eventually reach my 2013 main objective !

    Next step, do it in a game center ! Don't talk me about any m, it's just too far from me :p

    Pfiouuuh !
  7. OK guys, so then I need your advice as I'd like to reach the m rank within 3 years. Especially tet2brik.

    Regarding the fact I do not hard-drop after 300, what is the required time at 100, 200 and 300 section to reach 3:24 at 500 ?

    Or maybe I should ask if it's possible for a "normal" player ?
  8. ~2:45 @ 300.

    EDIT: :sowsuser:
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  9. You mean I can go 300~500 without hard drop within 35 sec? BTW my current PB for 300 is 2:21.
  10. Sorry, I had a brain damage.

    300 @ 2:00
    400 @ 2:45
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  11. you can break the torikan without locking after 300 with a 2:07 300
    I did it once ^^
    Slower 300 might be possible but you will need to have a perfect stacking and lucky randomiser.
  12. Yeah, I try and just bruteforce everything up until 300, "look" at the time (and by look I mean hear when the 0-300 music stops and deduce the time, though people can simply look, no real harm in doing just that) and for 300-400 :

    1°) If I'm fast enough, I'm supposed not to manlock but I'll still go to 2°) nowadays

    2°) I manlock every moment BEFORE I clear a line since it makes it harder to misdrop. Also I have some sort of very flat stacking that allows that kind of stuff frequently, but it can vary according to people's play styles. I'm an idiot so I'll eventually go to 3°)

    3°) I manlock everything, misdrop 3 times, and die.

    I agree with the times Kitaru gave, and cyberguile's words of wisdom :)
  13. Pretty good, you're getting more and more consistent =)
  14. Ahah, thank you man !
  15. Kinda fast, no ?
  16. Yes, kinda !
  17. New record increased by 2 little levels

    If anyone want the video, I can upload it

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  18. Quand tu dépasses les 450 ! :p
  19. C'est pour bientôt ! :D

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