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Thread in 'Competition' started by colour_thief, 9 Aug 2006.

  1. [​IMG]

    Video to follow.
  2. Muf


    About time ;)
  3. Oh damn nice time!! Congrats Rosti
  4. About fucking time :p Good job!
  5. I hate you too :p
    It's about time I learn how to do that move at 0:45
    Can someone explain it to me ? :p

    PS: congrats rosti ^^
  6. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

  7. Congrats! You were one cool customer throughout 500-999.
  8. 482 @ 3:34:50
  9. First round of death today:


  10. Muf


  11. Yesterday, I did it
    I reached 999 on death mode.
    Well, started at 500 using edo's cheat code but that's a beginning lol
    I still have a big problem with the 400 section, too difficult if I lock but many misdrops if I don't lock, damn.
  12. Sweet. So I guess you didn't complete TAP Master, because you 'don't intend to hit 999 before you can get the m-roll'? :p
  13. Amazing Rosti! Congratulations! Great time and great video!
  14. Muf


    Actually I was aiming for a green line, but I wasn't prepared to slow down to get it. Considering I shaved 45 seconds off my previous S6 time I'm happy I went for that instead of compromising my game to get a potential green line. It'll come when I'm ready for it, and it'll be quick. I don't make any illusions about m-roll conditions, considering I need to shave at least 55 more seconds off my total game to even get a shot at the m-roll, and that's ignoring any of the individual section conditions and tetris conditions, and the S9 grade condition.
  15. [​IMG]
    Success! after practicing from 300+ for a day or so I've finally seen a little improvement :'3
  16. Ai


    Nice Samael, steadshot and mikehaggar!


    I got a little closer. This is the second time I reach level 500. I would have achieved m if I kept my cool at the very end. ^^
  17. Ai



  18. COL



    TGM is such a b*tch

    I give you one week
  19. It's okay. The longer you improve without actually getting M, the more impressive you will able to be when you finally break the Torikan and then go on to hit 745 or something like that on your first try :DDDD least, that's what I told myself until I hit M and then misdropped soon after and fell flat on my face.

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