TAP DAS Counter can overflow!?

Thread in 'Research & Development' started by zzymyn, 21 Jan 2015.

  1. I've been hacking TAP recently in the aims of writing a new, faster TAP Death TAS run, and I Just discovered that the DAS counter will actually overflow, so you can actually lose DAS charge if you hold one direction for too long.

    Has anyone else seen or noticed this? You'd never notice it in a real game, but in a TAS you try to keep the DAS meter charged all the time.

    By changing directions on a frame the DAS counter isn't touched, you can transfer a left-charge into a right-charge without losing DAS, which I do in my original TAS. But now I know you have to be careful not to let the DAS counter overflow by deliberately resetting it when you know you'll have time to rebuild it.
  2. I believe that DeHackEd has pointed this out before. Good point about the DAS "bald spot" though, that makes the TAS optimization a little bit more complex.
  3. Do you plan to submit your TAS to tasvideos.org? It would be awesome to finally see a TGM game on there.
  4. I encountered the same problem when I was trying to create a TAP Death TAS with eirstt. Once saved and replayed in mame it desynced when the DAS counter overflowed.
  5. I'm working on a new TAS now to fix all the problems with the current one. Hopefully it will be good enough to submit to TASVideos.

    You can check out my progress here http://tetrisconcept.net/wiki/User:Zzymyn

    I've already saved over a second on the 0-100 section alone.
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  6. Cool! Looking forward to it!
  7. Amazing! I'm a huge fan of TASes and -- well, obviously enough -- TGM so I'm really eager to se something come out of this. The previous one was already quite interesting but I guess we can hope for something even harder to race haha

    I just have a few questions regarding some things :

    - Are you using the new TGM2+ version on MAME? Since the newer one is actually running on the correct framerate it's nice to have a play that doesn't sound distorted. It would also be interesting juuuust in case some people want to console verify the speedrun :)
    - Also, I'm very curious about that sum of BMT you showed in your page.
    According to that one, the minimal sum of BMT is 15 (it's a bit hard to forget all the other frames so it took me a bit of time but I got the same result haha). I tried several other settings but maybe a simple from-scratch tetris might be 15, after all. But what if, when building the first tetris, you put a block for the second one, that could be a stepping stone to wallkick the pieces destined to make the first tetris? I see the J or the L have two frames of BMT that could serve that purpose (rotation wallkick, then rotation the other way). It's a bit hard to get that result without the appropriate tools but could you tell me what you used to create that gif? I'd like to experiment on that.
    - I'm very eager to see the WIP but I guess it's not here yet for a reason so I won't push it ^^

    Good luck anyway! I read all that, saw the time, it definitely looks promising. Keep up the good work :)

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