T-29 days who's going to Portland?

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by mikewiz, 5 Sep 2013.

  1. Post here if you are planning to make the trek to Portland.

    Hopefully we'll have a post-party again, maybe even a pre-party someplace?
  2. I'm going.
  3. yep. in force.
  4. Me and my brother will show up....after maxing I haven't been as consistent about playing everyday but maybe I can do ok on sat???? I'm having trouble even getting to 700k these days....good enough frd like 20th place this year :(
  5. I will be there. contesting that 20th spot with david ;)
  6. Ben your recent games suggest that you'll be in the finals with Harry or Jonas.....or Thor???
  7. I'm planning to go, but need to get the trip planned still.
  8. I'll be there! I think Kitaru is coming as well.
  9. me! i will finally be playing at 100% thanks to my brand new controller.
  10. suddenly, I wanna try that controller :)
  11. Anonymous

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    My controller is starting to stick and not respond a little..(especially when I'm on a good run :()... Harry where did you get you're new controller??????
  12. check ebay. only 2 sellers are selling brand new oem controllers.
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  13. I would strongly encourage anyone who can reach 500k (or 100k starting on level 19) to participate in any tournaments they can reasonably afford to.

    It's unfortunate that Tetris watching isn't popular enough at this point to pay for costs of travel for any of the participants - except possibly the winner or runner up.

    However, I think the only way the situation will improve is for more and more people to attend and attempt to qualify. Hopefully increasing competition will breed more and better players over time, which will increase interest in watching tournaments, and drive up the prizes.

    I'd like to see it get to where at least the top 4 could win enough money to pay for travel costs, and be a bit more lucrative for the winner (cover any travel costs plus a nice amount left over). I think the tourney won't see it's true potential until that criteria is met. Even the Midwest Gaming Classic had a cash prize (albeit small) for 4th place.

    I really think that anyone who would like to see Tetris competitions grow should attend any tourney they can afford to, above all this one.
  14. I booked a hotel room, and bought tickets, so I guess I'm going :V

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