Super Tetris Delux?

Thread in 'Discussion' started by M.Bison, 10 Sep 2007.

  1. Anyone played, or know anything about this Tetris game?


    I could find little to no info on it.

    - Jono
  2. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    The description of STD on Dapto Deals web site sounds like the description of Tetris Worlds. But the box art has TGM coloring on the T tetromino.

    The seller is based in Australia; should I e-mail and ask if they ship internationally (i.e. to United States)?
  3. This is the GBA homebrew game "Rotris". See the author's home page here. "Super Tetris Delux" is simply an illegal Chinese bootleg of that freeware homebrew game. It's probably pretty popular to bootleg because it takes like no ROM size at all.

    The gameplay is, if I recall correctly:

    1 preview

    no hold

    no wallkicks

    memoryless randomizer

    rotating, vomit-inducing trippy effects, increasing with the more lines you clear

    It doesn't save your high score, or even contain a menu. If you want it, I'd send it to you if you sent me something of approximately equal coolness.
  4. Thanks alot for the info guys,

    As bad as the game may sound I think I am still going to buy it, seems pretty hard to find.

    Dapto is also up the road from where I live sould be cheap delivery [​IMG]

    - Jono
  5. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    In that case, they could at least have put in TOD, which is under 160 KiB, smaller than many NES games. Even including both the source code and the binary in the cartridge wouldn't bump it bigger than 512 KiB (the size of Mega Man 5 or 6).

    I remember when Rotris was first put out. I thought it was a clone of either a DOS game called Tetripz or my own DOS/Windows/Linux compatible Tetripz clone which was then called Tetanus On Drugs. In response, I rushed out the preview version of TOD for GBA, and people ended up calling it Super Rotris.


    3 previews

    hold piece, prefilled with random

    no wall kicks in milestones 1-3; "TOD M4" system in milestone 4

    memoryless randomizer

    eight different trippy effects

    C'mon, Chinese people, pirate my stuff, please!
  6. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    actually it doesn't even have a preview [​IMG]
    i made 72 lines if anyone wants to break that.

    maybe i should try TOD instead.
  7. I find TOD very primitive compared to Lockjaw, and since both are on GBA now, why not just play LJ? Unless you don't have a GBA flash card, or a GBA emulator, that is.
  8. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    i have a GBA emulator. i'll try TOD just for variety.
  9. I just noticed: an ESRB rating of Teen for a Tetris game? How did they come up with that? (Just at random, I'm guessing.)
  10. Pirate games don't get ESRB ratings. [​IMG] The pirates added that to make it look authentic I suppose.

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