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  1. (link to my "Phase 1" study):

    Link to Phase 2 documentation (Shuey's Perfect Clear Study - Phase 2 (Sparta!)):

    I've been living with a secret for over 2 years :D... In December of 2014, QuestionMark and I decided to launch a second phase of my Perfect Clear Study. And when we did that, we initially tried to figure out our initial goals. One of the first things we decided is that we would try to achieve 300 B2B PCs, and gave the project an AKA name of "Sparta!".

    We of course were really excited when we first got started, and we knocked out about 40 or more PCs within the first couple weeks (we were still busy with every day life, so 40+ PCs felt like good progress for us at the time). But shortly after that, we both got so busy with life that we ended up taking an indefinite hiatus :(.

    After nearly 2 full years of no activity on the project, I finally got the fire back less than 2 weeks ago and I became so obsessed with not only working on the project again, but with finishing it as well!

    All of the information about the study is stored in the link at the top of this thread. Please take the time to at least read the "Preface" worksheet, and reply back to this thread with comments, question, praises, etc! :)

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