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Thread in 'Discussion' started by colour_thief, 25 Mar 2014.

  1. Anyone else streaming during the carnival?

    You all can see my rustyness first hand. :D

    I still go for crazy moves and get some epic recoveries though. That's what keeps the game fun for me after all these years.
  2. Missed you!

    But the stream idea is brilliant, plus I actually got OBS handed down (thank you Sephyross!), so I might get into it next time I do a session =)
  3. :o

    EDIT : Will try to stream soon, link should be posted in 10 minutes

    D-D-D-DOUBLE EDIT : I dunno what to do. If you see this, just go to where I get confused about stuff and I chat in the chat room!

    T-T-T-T-TRIPLE KILL : I am streaming everything BUT the video itself, we're making progress!

    Monster edit : [​IMG]

    ... Wil try it again in a couple of hours.

    REPOST EDIT : I'M BACK, let's do this!
  4. Sounds funny, I'll try something out tomorrow afternoon (well, at least try and register on twitch :p )
  5. I'll definitely be streaming some time this week. B) I just have to de-ghetto my rig a tiny bit more and I'll be able to capture glorious RGB.
  6. I've been streaming a little bit. My record is only 144 atm, so might not be very interesting for most people.
  7. Alright! In one hour (so that's 8h GMT), I'll get to streaming a bit of Death, and hopefully make some good moves. Objective : Reaching that 9xx!

    So if you're around, don't forget to check out here : =)
  8. Word on the street is that Qlex isn't French anymore... ;)
  9. :'( Kill me please.
  10. You have Death for that! :D

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