Strange or Obscure Tetris Clones

Thread in 'Discussion' started by Rich Nagel, 9 May 2007.

  1. I figured I'd start a thread for links to various strange or obscure Tetris clones. Here are two that I've stumbled on throughout the years:

    "(1)Firing Line.scm" (Note: requires StarCraft) - A "Use Map Settings" (UMS) map for Starcraft, a strange (albiet fully playable) Tetris game that can be played within StarCraft -> (middle of the page). BTW, you have to download the *ENTIRE* StarCraft map collection (20 megs) from ... to get the map.

    "Quake Tetris" (Note: requires Quake 1, dunno if it works with Quake 2) - A Quake "C" mod that allows you to play Tetris within Quake -> (bottom of the page). In-game screenshot -> .

    Anyhow, anyone else come across any other strange versions (or mods for other games) of Tetris?
  2. contains a tetris, completely emerged into the virtual world of second life. though, its quite laggy and more of a tech-demo whats possible with the scripting engine of second life. ... at=0&pos=0


    by the way - secondlife by itself is sort of strange.. or cool? cool at least from a technical point of view: the complete game world is streamed from a big cluster of servers to the client on your pc. the world is incredible huge and completely user-created.
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    Hmm... furry characters facing a tetrion... so my 'shop wasn't completely off the mark, right?
  4. *bursts into a minute of laughter*
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    The playing field in the SL tetris looks to be a bit short. Upon counting it, it's only seventeen blocks high.

    Also: Windows Tetris[/url]
  6. more about that second life tetris:

    here you can buy the script ( 999 linden dollars) ... emID=90420

    more screenshots:



    just did some strange sort of "sight seeing": thats my avatar standing in front of the GinT in the hall of the original script developer:

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  8. I can tell you know that it won't. Quake 1 was the only Quake to use "QuakeC". Quake 2 went on to use C (and platform-dependent DLLs) for its game logic.

  9. Thanks for the info. Actually, I have Quake 2, but never played it much (don't even have it currently installed on any of my PCs).
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    stack the cats

    ok, it's not exactly a tetris clone. more like dr. mario.

    "don't you dare stack my cats." [​IMG]
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    Actually, it's Puyo.
  12. BCTMP - "Brian Caos Tempting Music Player" (the older Beta 1 and Beta 2 versions were previously known as "Brian Caos Tetris Music Player"), by Brian "Caos" Pedersen. The program is an IT/MOD/S3M/XM Tracker format music player with a quite-capable built-in Tetris game.

    The guy's web site is long since gone (used to be located at / ), but can be found with a download for Beta 3 at the Internet Archive at ... /bctmp.htm / ... / -:)

    P.S. If you Google or Yahoo around you can find the older Beta 1 and 2 versions, Beta 1 included a different Tracker song than Beta 2 and 3 (Personally I like the song that's included with Beta 1 better; "Happy To Be With You" - originally created for the Rookie Entry of "Music Contest 6" from years past).
  13. Not really strange or obscure (but still of notable mention), another T-clone that had almost a cult following about a decade ago, "ACiD Tetris"... re-released in 2002 as "Super ACiD Block Attack" (due to the all-powerful Tetris corporate lawyer gods). Made a Wiki page here -> ... ock_Attack (including download link).

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