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Thread in 'Competition' started by Zircean, 15 Jun 2009.

  1. Super Tetris 3 is a bit more difficult than it might first appear. See if you can max it out!

    Rank--Name ---------------------- Score | Lns | Grade
       1--Edo ---------------------- 999999 | 154 | Zeta
       2--Kitaru ------------------- 999999 | 169 | Eta
       3--Zircean ------------------ 999999 | 170 | Theta
       4--Ai ----------------------- 999999 | 185 | Iota
       5--colour_thief ------------- 999999 | 279*| Xi
       6--Zaphod77 ----------------- 999999 | 299*| Omicron
       7--cyberguile --------------- 999999 | 399*| Rho
    *Estimated lines by rank

    A video of "NTN" maxing it out on S9 and getting grade Nu can be found here:

    Also, Edo has gone ahead and figured out the grading system ST3 uses for us all. Thanks Edo!

    The grade system is directly based on the number of lines you clear.

      0 - Beginner ----- 220 - Mu
     50 - Wakaba ------- 240 - Nu
    100 - Alpha -------- 260 - Xi
    110 - Beta --------- 280 - Omicron
    120 - Gamma -------- 300 - Pi
    130 - Delta -------- 350 - Rho
    140 - Epsilon ------ 400 - Sigma
    150 - Zeta --------- 500 - Tau
    160 - Eta ---------- 600 - Upsilon
    170 - Theta -------- 700 - Phi
    180 - Iota --------- 800 - Chi
    190 - Kappa -------- 900 - Psi
    200 - Lambda ------- 999 - Omega
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  2. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    Can anyone explain how the grading works in this? About a year ago, I maxed out the score quite a few times, but always got different grades, and there appeared to be no logical sorting order.

    EDIT: Actually, I mistook a Xi for a Chi; so in fact there is a logical sorting order, as explained in the post above.
  3. Muf


    You mean the S9 part? Afaik, that's not the grade, but the speed level.
  4. No, he means the greek letter thing. Right, well, I really have no clue what that's all about, I think it has to do with lines and starting level as well (you get Omega for maxing it out on S9 as seen in the video). I don't think anyone's reverse-engineered ST3's grading system yet. However, I'm going to tiebreak by grade because that's what the game does. [​IMG]
  5. Finally, and while sick with the flu:


    Started on level 20, got 330 lines.
  6. [​IMG]

    Warning: these scores are older than TC itself.
  7. Muf


    Eric J. Thief?
  8. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    So are we aiming for most lines cleared, or maximum efficiency? I just managed an S9 maxout in 154 lines (Zeta), which I think is pretty efficient.
  9. Hey guys, guess who's reviving a dead board? :D


    You might be wondering why my leaderboard looks totally different. That's because it got wiped and I had to max it out all over again.

    Whatever. Exactly 260 lines means I displace CT on the board XD
  10. Ai


    Not a bad game, but for some reason the game becomes very unresponsive at times, especially when the stack is close to the ceiling. I haven't tried the other modes besides Standard Endless yet.

    First clear I needed 281 lines and got the Omicron rank (started at level 25 and finished with level 2B). Second completion was better with 231 lines cleared and rank Mu (level 25 the entire game). Highest level I achieved so far is 29. I think I'll also have a look at Super Tetris 2. And wow at Edo's 154 lines clear performance. ^^
  11. Oh, I thought this thread was dead, haha. I've got Lambda and Mu maxouts, so I'll be updating my record with 219 lines. I thought I had a picture of the maxout itself, but apparently not, so I'll give a screenshot of the leaderboard if anyone wants it.

    I think I may have to clear my SRAM soon, because it appears to just stack my new maxouts on the bottom or something like that...
  12. It's Mi, Ni not Mu, Nu. :biggrin:
  13. Seems you've been busy with the old games, Ai. Congrats! I might try to max this one out, TDX is still giving me trouble and I wanna max more games out.

    Edit: Or not. I don't think I like this game at a high speed.
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  14. Ai


    New personal best, I maxed out the game clearing 185 lines and earning rank Iota (entire game at level 25). It's a little easier when the I-pieces show up at the right moments. ^^

    Thanks! Earlier this summer it was getting clear for me that a TGM (Tetris) break was necessary to recharge the batteries. I started playing again recently to check how much my skills deteriorated. Fortunately things still look good if I put in some effort and time. For now I'm focusing more on the older games in order to work on optimizing my stacking and for some new challenges. Expect more TGM related posts in the near future.

    Concerning the high gravity play in this ST3, you'll get used to it if you play starting from level 20 for a while. For me level 25 (a tetris earns you about 31000) was manageable. In a perfect game only 33 tetris (132 lines) are needed to max out the game. Anticipate the next piece, don't get the stack too close to the top by skimming once you get the chance and most important try to stack for tetrises to keep the game as short as possible. ^^
  15. I'll post my records tomorrow, didn't play the game for 5 years but the scores are saved on my gf's computer (who plays this every now and then)
  16. I'm fairly sure that you can do it with 28 tetrises on level S0 or higher (all levels give the same amount of points after S0 if I remember correctly). So, 112 lines is really all you need for a perfect game :p
  17. Ai


    You're correct Zircean. The S-ranks award 36000 points for a tetris which would indeed mean that 28 tetrises is sufficient. The calculations in my previous post were for the perfect game starting at level 25. Sorry for not being clear enough. ^^'

    The ultimate achievement would be to clear 999 lines and obtain the Omega rank. ^^

    Super Tetris 2 feels harder to beat from the few times I tried and Super Tetris is ... well different.
  18. Past a certain point, getting to Omega is mostly a test of patience and your ability to not fuck up. It's very simple if you don't play for tetrises and play it safe all the time, and while it is possible to mess up in ST3, if you are low in the field it shouldn't really matter (even at S9 speed).

    I've gotten to Sigma before getting bored and not caring, but I guess I could try getting up to Omega at some point...
  19. [​IMG]

    Don't know how many line I cleared but anyway, Sigma rank B)
  20. I hope you realize this leaderboard puts most efficient maxouts first, so you should probably go for a maxout in the least number of lines, screenshot it, and then post that instead ;)

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