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  1. I noticed that the article for SRS doesn't have a visualization of all the different possible offsets of SRS, so I decided to compile them into a chart:


    SRS is weird.
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  2. I really admire your patience to draw all of this...
  3. I haven't even done the other six shapes and the counterclockwise rotation states yet. (Although for left rotation, it's the same chart just the other way around, from red to outline.)
  4. hai. i did exactly such thing some years ago. but for only JLSTZ without I.超级旋转系统
    (this is a Chinese tetris wiki under construction, translated from TC/HD wiki with some addition.)
    windows paint is our good friend when zoomed in to 800%.
  5. I'll admit I still kinda prefer my format. :S
  6. Muf


    Wow, that's some dedication. You could talk to @myndzi about hosting that on if you're interested? Maybe under a separate namespace or even its own MediaWiki instance.
  7. Jeezes, is that thing supposed to be intuitive? :S
  8. Would it be possible to have something similar to wikipedia where the user can simply switch between different languages of the same article ?
  9. I actually detected a mistake... in the third row, the last two red pieces were accidentally shifted three squares down instead of just two. Whoops, now I need to white out that part of the chart or remake it entirely >_>
  10. Who would create all those translations?
    Even on Wikipedia I only ever read the English articles, because every other language is inadequate in comparison
  11. Well, @farter said he's been translating the wiki to Chinese.
  12. translation so far was done by @GAP, and we two keep refining and maintaining them.
  13. K


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    Yes, they are supposed to be intuitive. The reasoning for the kicks is actually explained in the tetris guideline document.

    Would it be safe to post something from it here?
  15. This made my day... ;)
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  16. Either way, I would LOVE to read the reasoning.
  17. Zaphod77

    Zaphod77 Resident Misinformer

    Well, if an admin say it's okay, I'm willing to post. it DOES say "Confidential". for those who wish to hunt it down, it's the 2009 version.

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