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  1. You all know SRS has some lovely weird rotations and is often seen as broken, illogical or flat out wrong, especially here I believe. Well guess what: I'm not going to change this thought at all, in fact I may push it further.

    So it all started when I saw this I-Spin video, followed by this elevator. Of course naturally I wanted to try it myself and I managed to get the elevator to loop for like 10 minutes cause i was proud of myself (this build is actually fairly complicated especially when the "corridor" of each "floor" gets longer).

    But what if you could perform such a loop with other pieces? I thought about the idea, then after enough attempts and the discovery of this kick, I managed to find a setup that allows for an L-Spin elevator (the mirrored version exists for J, the rotations are just the other way around):

    But of course, as you can imagine, I didn't stop here. I searched something working for the T, but I couldn't find it. However, after some work on the S and Z pieces, I found a setup that worked for them, that I show here with the S piece (here again, the Z setup is the same but mirrored):

    Though, I was still not satisfied about skipping on the T. So I scratched my head over and over for a week, when suddenly I found this setup:

    Now the only problem with this setup is that it fails in high gravity due to the piece floating in the air at some point of the cycle. This did not stop me however, and a day or so later, I came up with something, and tested it in 20G, and turned out to work. I will never attempt a non-TAS build of this setup though, due to the absurd complexity of it. interestingly enough, this is also the setup that requires the most complex series of inputs.
    Anyways, here it is:

    Now, if only a T-Spin elevator works in 20G without synchros, let me know, but for now I'm happy with this, since all pieces get an elevator now, and T even gets two of them. Well, all of them but O for obvious reasons.

    I'll link this playlist in case you're interested to see me perform those setups. It also includes an O-Spin elevator made in Shirase Rotation System as a bonus, just because someone jokingly asked for it.

    tl;dr in SRS every piece but O can go back up given the right setup
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    Good job man !

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