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  1. so i started tetris off at tetris friends, and after almost a year, i moved onto the ars side of tetris(tgm). recentaly, ive been playing alot of tgm, then going right back into the srs rotation rule, and just swapping back and forth

    is there any downfalls to this?
  2. nope.
  3. That's the long and the short of it. :) You should be able to learn and adjust to each rotation system separately without too much trouble.

    I've heard of some people running into strange problems due to the flipped initial orientations (i.e. feeling like the rotation buttons were literally mapped backwards in SRS) due to some mental hack their brain had applied to learn how to reach each orientation from spawn rather than relative to the actual current rotation state, but this sort of thing can be unlearned or -- worst comes to worst -- worked around by mapping your rotation buttons backwards to compensate.
  4. good to know ill be fine:p
    is there any positives to doing this?
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    Bottom line is once you have successfully learned both rotation systems it will not set you back changing between them.

    Many people seriously struggle with ARS if they started with SRS, but once over the hump there should be no further problems.

    People who played tetris before SRS tend to have much less trouble adjusting.

    I started back on the PC version, and picked up ARS pretty quickly, and i still don't truly get SRS, though i can fake it well enough to complete marathon pretty much every time.

    The main positive to learning ARS is to be able to improve your skill through the TGM games.

    The main positive to learning SRS is that the better multiplayer games currently use it, and that is unlikely to change for the foreseeable future.

    Learning both, well you get both benefits. :)
  6. I started playing tetris with SRS and got used to it.
    Later I tried to play ARS and felt quite uncomfortable.
    But I learnt some useful skills in ARS ,then I can get along better with ARS.
    (Although I am more clever at SRS)
  7. thanks for the answers:)
  8. Simple... use different keys for SRS/ARS and ur brain will never be confused. E.g. i use Joystick for ARS and keyboard for SRS. If i use Joystick for SRS i fail really hard. If i use keyboard for ARS i fail really hard.
  9. You can be good at both rules with both input methods...

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