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  1. Hello Everyone!

    I recently got a copy of TGM 1, but I'm having trouble getting the sound to work. I have the TGM 1 board attached to one of Jasen's Customs Superguns via a JAMMA harness which is giving me the video just fine, but I'm not getting any audio. I looked at the manual and it's mentioning a stereo cable in addition to the JAMMA cable. I wanted to ask how I would go about getting the audio out of the TGM 1 board into the Supergun.

  2. Hey, and welcome! I hope you'll enjoy the ride here :D

    I'm personally a bit puzzled by this problem... It seems that normally the JAMMA harness is enough, much like my supergun from Smallcab, and I had never heard of Jasen up until now. If you look at the whole JAMMA cable documentation you might have four cables for the audio, L+ L- R+ R- ... In that case, just L+ and L- should be the ones you're looking for, since I'm fairly sure TGM1 doesn't work in stereo.

    Also, the board has a volume knob that you can turn manually or with the help of a screwdriver, if I'm not mistaken. Maybe it's turned all the way down?

    Try that first and tell me how it goes ;)
  3. Muf


    Official JAMMA is amplified balanced mono (+ and -). JAMMA+ (catchall name for any unofficial improvements to the JAMMA standard) can be stereo, the pin normally responsible for + becomes unbalanced right, the pin for - becomes unbalanced left, and as the audio signal is unbalanced that means the shared - for both left and right is the nearest GND pin. That being said, TGM1 is Capcom ZN-2 with QSound, and there is an unamplified line level unbalanced stereo header on the PCB from which you can tap audio separately. Also, the volume pot on TGM1 is big enough to turn by hand, no screwdriver necessary. Close to the volume pot there is also a dip switch that switches the board between mono and stereo output.
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  4. Qlex,
    Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm really looking forward to it! :D

    I'm of the same opinion you are, that the JAMMA harness should be enough to run the sound in mono. Oh interesting; and I had never heard of Smallcab until now, heheh. The JAMMA harness I received is from The Real Bob Roberts (I believe it is the Economy version), and it looks like there are 2 wires for the speaker connection, which should be mono sound if I'm understanding correctly.

    I did some fiddling with the volume knob on the PCB and I believe it is set to 50% volume so that I could hear if any sound was coming out.

    Thanks for the JAMMA volume breakdown! I do see the unbalanced stereo header on the PCB and there is also a mention of it in the TGM documentation that came with the board. I've played around with the dip switch as well as the sound settings inside the board's test menu. I've set the QSound for stereo and I've also set it to mono with the corresponding dip switch position and nothing has produced sound. The only sound I'm hearing is a 60Hz ground loop buzz on all settings.

    Is it possible that I need a JAMMA harness that supports the stereo header; or is there something else I should look into?

  5. My supergun never had proper audio. (I worked with the raw amplified audio) When i piped it directly to a tv it didn't work at all. When I piped it to the tv through another cable my video colors inverted. You may have the same problem, maybe not. What fixed it for me was piping it into the 3.5mm mic jack on my pc and turning on the "listen to this device" setting.
  6. Hello Everyone!

    I wanted to provide an update to this thread, so that no one is left hanging on, "What did you see?!". I was finally able to get my TGM 1 audio working consistently! Here's my current set up:

    XRGB-mini Framemeister (with D-Terminal to Component Adapter)
    Jasen's Customs SuperGun (with USB Adapter)
    PS Audio Sprout

    Component Video and Audio Bundle Cable (Red, Green, Blue, Red and White)
    Custom 4-pin Stereo to RCA Stereo Female Cable (Jasen's Customs Special Order)
    3.5mm to RCA Stereo Male Cable

    I currently have the SuperGun connected to the XRGB-mini Framemeister over the D-Terminal/Component connection (Red, Green and Blue) for the video; and for the audio, I have the Red and White cables connected to the SuperGun and the Framemeister. Here's the missing piece of the puzzle that finally worked for me. Apparently, there needs to be some kind of audio handshake between the 4-pin audio output on the TGM board and a piece of equipment (normally inside an arcade cabinet), that decrypts or confirms the audio and transmits it out. In order to accomplish this handshake, I purchased a Sprout box by PS Audio. Sprout is originally designed to be a Vinyl Amplifier, but it has a very wide range of acceptable audio frequencies and I thought that could be the key. So I connected the Sprout box to the TGM board via a custom 4-pin Stereo to RCA Stereo Female Cable, used in tandem with a 3.5mm to Stereo RCA Male cable, which is then connected to the Sprout box's Analog audio input; and for some reason, this works! The Sprout box can even be disconnected after the handshake and the SuperGun will proceed to transmit all of the audio correctly. Go figure.

    Thanks for all of the help everyone, and maybe my experience will help fix other TGM 1 audio problems!
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