So you have an old PSP and are looking for a tetris fix, luckily there are plenty of options

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  1. If you have ever wanted a convenient way to play Tetris on the (lord knows how not usually playability friendly touch screen phone versions are) and happen to have an old PlayStation Portable around, you might be surprised how via emulation how many different flavors of Tetris are actually compatible. For this list I'm just going by versions I've encountered and tried, note you will need custom firmware for the majority of these emulators to work

    PlayStation Portable, Only one you don't really need Custom Firmware for
    Tetris (Minis downloadable)

    PlayStation 1 (The PSP has a built in emulator for the PS1 that play most of the games for the system)
    The Next Tetris (has to use the European version as the US version has game breaking glitches)
    Tetris Plus (For sound on the current firmware you will need CCDA Enabler plugin)
    Magical Tetris Challenge (European and Japanese versions both work fine)
    Tetris X
    Superlite 1500: The Tetris
    Cardcaptor Sakura Tetris (Note as this game was made by EA you will need to use a cheat device plugin such as Tempar to bypass Akira's crumby lockout check by inputing the cheat
    _S SLPS_02886
    _G Sakura tetris
    _C0 Evade PAR Check
    _L D0016B58 0006
    _L 80016B58 0001
    _L D0016B6E 1043
    _L 80016B6E 1000
    _L D0018838 0006
    _L 80018838 0001
    _L D001884E 1043
    _L 8001884E 1000
    _L D00201C2 1044
    _L 800201C2 1000
    _L D00201B0 0005
    _L 800201B0 0001
    _L D00217C4 0005
    _L 800217C4 0001
    _L D00217D6 1043
    _L 800217D6 1000
    N64 (Via Daedalus X64)
    Tetris 64: DOES NOT WORK, Crashes
    The New Tetris Works (Note because of how the emulator handles the key inputs, you will have to hold down multiple keys just to move the pieces, this also holds the same for tetrisphere should you try that title)

    SNES (Snex9xTYL is the recommended emulator)
    Tetris and Dr. Mario
    Super Tetris 2 and Bomblis
    Super Tetris 2 and Bomblis Gentai
    Super Tetris 3
    Tetris Battle Gaiden
    (Super Bomblis,Tetris 2 and Tetris Attack also work in case you were interested)

    NES (NesterJ is the recommended emulator)
    Famicom Tetris
    Tetris (Tengen)
    Tetris 2 + Bomblis (Tetris 2 also runs)

    Game Boy Advance (GPSP is the recommended emulator)
    Minna Soft Series: Tetris Advance
    Tetris Worlds
    (Since this section is short will also mention a couple of Homebrew)
    Lock Jaw runs fine
    Lock Jaw the overdose runs fine

    Game Boy/ Game Boy Color (I suggest Homer's Rin)
    Tetris Plus
    Tetris DX
    Magical Tetris Challenge
    (Tetris 2, Tetris Blast/Super Bomblis DX and Tetris Attack also all work)

    Sega Master System (With Master Boy)
    Super Tetris (Korean Pirate Game)

    Wonder Swan Color (Using E(mulator) )
    Tetris (Not a recommended way do to I requiring you to hold the PSP sideways to play and odd button choices for moving the pieces though still easier then the Famicom version to play)

    Sega Genesis (Picodrive is the recommended emulator)
    Tetris (works... but still not worth the 500 g that guy on ebay was asking for)

    PokeMini (The Poke Mini emulator)
    Pokémon Shock Tetris (not to be confused with Pokémon Puzzle Challenge for the Game Boy Color)

    M.A.M.E. .375b set (Mame4all)
    Tetris (Sega) Crashes the emulator
    Tetris (Set 1) works

    Anyway that was just a list of games I tested, I was using 6.61 infinity to test this on with a 1000 fat model.
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