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Thread in 'Hardware' started by Kitaru, 28 Jul 2016.

  1. I'm running into some bizarre issues trying to power a SNES in the apartment I moved to a couple months back. At first I was concerned that the thing randomly died. I tried with another SNES last known working and still got no picture or power LED activity, so I suspected the power adapter. I went to the kitchen and got power LED activity. What the fuck. I went back to the living room, tried another outlet on the power strip and (at least I thought) I got the power LED to turn on, but still couldn't get display. I went to move to another display and noticed, no, the power LED is off again. (Could it have been discharge from when it was working in the kitchen?)

    I've tried many assortment of outlets, both on power strips and direct to the wall. So far I've only had luck in the kitchen. I think there may have been one instance where it did not power on in the kitchen, but it has been fairly consistent there.

    Anyway, long story short, I'm stuck in the twilight zone. The NES works on the same outlet. What else can I try in this strange journey?
  2. nevermind it's the wire on the psu starting to fail :sowsuser:
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    Fyi you can use bog standard DC adapters for NES/SNES. The rectifier bridge for AC power simply works as a nop when powered with DC, and behind it is an 7805 which will accept between 7 and 25 volts, so a 9V or 12V switching DC adapter will work fine (and get a lot less hot than the official Nintendo AC adapter).

    EDIT: Before people start frying their SNESes, it seems at least the US SNES is DC, not AC, so polarity matters.
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  4. Thats what always happens...

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