SNES - PAL and NTSC differences

Thread in 'Hardware' started by frdhlm, 26 Mar 2017.

  1. Hi!

    I'm sick of playing on emulators using a crappy USB NES-controller so I've decided to buy a SNES console.

    I know there are huge differences between PAL and NTSC in NES Tetris, is this also the case when it comes to SNES Tetris & Dr. Mario?

    Living in Sweden it would be much more convenient getting a PAL console and PAL copy of Tetris & Dr. Mario but I obviously want to compete with the guys playing on the NTSC consoles.

    Any advice or information on the matter would be appreciated!
  2. Well, it'll run at ~83.33% of NTSC speed (PAL 50hz vs. NTSC 60hz). So, at the very least, it would be something we should notate on that leaderboard if Amnesia or someone else revives it and begins updating again. Amnesia and some others also performed their scores on a PAL console.

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