Off Topic: Smash Bros. Fans?

Thread in 'Discussion' started by BizerkPixel, 18 Jan 2015.

  1. Do I have some Smash Bros. fans in here? Tell me what games you play and what mains you use!

    Smash 64. Main Mario and Jigglypuff.
    Melee. Marth and Falco. Ganon also just for giggles.
    Smash 4. Luigi and Shiek
    Project M: Ganondorf and Fox
  2. :o Someone did say Project M!

    64 Falcon (I don't play a lot)
    Melee Ganon (I started in 2005 and it did suck the life out of me but I recently stopped)
    Smash 4 WFT (Don't play a lot)
    Project M : Ganondorf and ROB

    Honestly, the way they made Ganon in Project M... *drools* The guys are on to something. Had I seen v 2.5 only I would've stick to ROB only. I think I don't feel that way alone!
  3. Smash 64: Link.
    Melee: Doc, Ness, Half the cast.

    I've been playing since Smash 64 came out. Competitive since 2006. I don't go far out of my way to go to events, but I'm always down to play.
  4. Nice. Yeah Ganon is absolutely balls out AMAZING. Might be even overpowered... but his slow speed makes up for that. Unfortunately, PM has been excluded from many major tournaments this year so far, so I am a little worried about the future of PM.

    Smash 64 is really grabbing my focus. It's weird... it's all slow and campy like Brawl... but as soon as a successful hit lands, it leads to potentially 0-death combos due to the high hitstun. Ahh Falcon...
  5. omg Link in Smash 64 is so underrated. Boomerangs for daaaaaaaaaayss.
  6. I main Jigglypuff in all of them, but I also play

    64: Fox and Pikachu
    Melee: Marth and Dr. Mario
    Project M: Peach
    4: Koopalings
  7. Nah, Link isn't underrated. He has no spike, terrible recovery and a punishable grab. He's certainly good on Hyrule, but on Dreamland/smaller stages he's kinda hard to win with. Throw him off, spike him. I only play him because he's SUPER fun, but I think he's bad.

    Also, Doc main high five, Caithness!
  8. 64: Fox/C. Falcon
    Melee: Falco/Ice Climbers
    Brawl: Fox/Ice Climbers
    Project M: Falco
    Smash 4: Little Mac and Mega Man

    I love the Smash Bros series, still play it to this day. I like to scorerun Classic Mode on all the games, and I like to play casual/competitive on Vs. Mode. I'm also hosting a Melee tournament in my town next month, which will be fun, I think.
  9. Where at?

    Jigglypuff is just... GRAAAAAAA. Nah, I use her too. I can rest in my sleep! :p
  10. My hometown in southern Alberta. My town doesn't have a big competitive game following, so I want to start it up here.
  11. Wouldn't really consider myself a fan, but I have picked up the new Smash for both Wii U and 3DS. Mainly for the Nintendo nostalgia factor, the game is fun but I doubt I'll ever play enough to get legitimately good at the game.

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