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Thread in 'Discussion' started by DeHackEd, 7 Dec 2015.

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    If you haven't heard about, they are a service that gives away free SSL certificates with an emphasis on making it easy for n00bs to get their web sites working with SSL. I heard about it and thought, hey, free SSL certs! is now available for your encrypted viewing pleasure. You should not have any problem access the site at this URL. Unless maybe if you're on IE 6.

    If all goes well we might install a redirect so everybody uses https in the future. For now it's optional.
  2. Very cool, now you could upgrade to http2 as well.
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  3. DeHackEd

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    Not happening any time soon. Sorry.
  4. Great! Thanks for the tip. No more self-signed cert on my site...
  5. Cool stuff!

    Here is a HTTPS Everywhere ruleset for those who want to be redirected to https automatically (prevents logouts when clicking http:// links):

    If you are using Firefox, place it in ~/.mozilla/firefox/<yourprofile>/HTTPSEverywhereUserRules/. For Windows users thats probably under %APPDATA% somewhere.
    Dunno where Chrome has its profile dir.
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  6. DeHackEd

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    Anyone have any comments on this? Should we make it permanent and disable non-encrypted traffic?
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  7. Muf


    Everything seems to work fine, I've been on https for two months now and since I fixed the fumen issue I see no reason not to redirect everybody to https.
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