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Thread in 'Hardware' started by simonlc, 13 May 2014.

  1. [​IMG]
    I want to thank Muf a ton for giving me the art to the marquee and the flyers. Top bloke. Would give beer 10/10

    Now I'll work hard to prove I'm worthy to own it.
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  2. Kitaru, those Net City cabinets look fantastic. B)
  3. So envious of all that candy
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  5. found a photo of my old setup taken 2010/01/02...
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  6. Muf


    twf so bishi :wub:
  7. Coming soon to a theater, I mean my home, near you ( me)...

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  8. OK ok this will be my (semi) permanent battle station
  9. That looks awesome Marq!

    And Kitaru, where did you get two net citys?
  10. Forum transaction. Long story but someone was trying to shuffle off around twelve cabs they had in Japan from a sale that fell through. After some uncertainty of whether or not they could get all of the cabs spoken for to make it worth shipping over, one person bought the lot and sold some of them.
  11. Muf


  12. You have a cab now Muf?!
  13. Muf


    Yup. Got it in December, but on the way there I heard the monitor was bust. I decided to risk it and haggle down the price to at least cover a possible replacement chassis. Turns out the tube is cracked, so I'm probably going to have to source a whole new monitor, which I haven't found yet. If I can't get a monitor with the right curvature (too much curve would mean the bezel outright doesn't fit, not enough curve means a gap between the tube and bezel), I'll probably just buy a DSD-2931-T-S if I can confirm it'll at least fit.

    I also still need a 2L8B panel for it but I'm not in a hurry as you can imagine. The chrome coin slot I still had lying around, which was a lot prettier than the yellow plastic slot the cab came with. :D
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  14. [​IMG]



    BVM aquired. (BVM-20F1E)

    It's so fucking good. Like holy shit that picture is god.
  15. X3, my all time favorite game, that jump is too damn hard in a speedrun though
  16. We finally have a copy of a TGM game!
    Though if there was ever an ad for PCB abuse, this would be a good base. I have nowhere to put it so it's been shoved into a box I had lying around for a week.
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  17. Inb4 you should get your hands on a CRT :)
  18. I could easily get one as my old CRT TV is in storage at work. The problem is I don't have the space for it and if I did I'd probably just go all the way and get a full cabinet.
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