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  1. SGDQ 2015 is coming up soon. There's some TGM action scheduled for Monday evening (July 27). Who else going to be there? It could be cool to meet up or something. I've never been to an AGDQ or SGDQ before, so any advice from past attendees?
  2. Damn I wish I could go to a GDQ some time. Seems like an amazing atmosphere :)
  3. AFAIK, Kitaru, Qlex, TWF, Poochy, DarkAries, IanKeith, myself, and two "special guests" will all be there. It's gonna be great!
  4. TWO special guests ?
    Darn, can't wait for the hype :)))
  5. Sounds pretty great. I'll be there watching, hopefully from a good seat. I'm curious about the "special guests"...
  6. Advice :

    Don't talk to people. They kill people on a regular basis.

    Jk, you can just hang around and play games in the casual room (that's where I'll be when I won't be sightseeing or having a nervous breakdown asdasdasf). If you feel like playing fighting games or whatever.... Then don't come to the tournaments lol. Also I have no idea what the seat restriction will be but if you want a good seat you can try getting near the couch. I'll see what we can do!

    I hope they have tgif nearby :(
  7. AFAIK, the people playing get to decide who are allowed to sit on the seats behind the couch :)

    You guys gotta get Blueglass there
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  8. My partner and I are going to be there. We were going to try to get there early so we could get good seats. If we could be near the couch, that would be awesome!
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  9. I wish I could go there, but I can't because I'm way too far and that will be a hell of an investment to come. I'll tune in when it is time, though.
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  10. Totally didn't realize this was in Minnesota. I could have made it up there. Damn it.

    Looking forward to watching everyone though!
  11. "Miharasan" just donated had a donation read! The real deal?
  12. The message was "Good luck breaking the 1300 shirase torikan" so ... either it's a total troll (AKA mihara) or a total troll (AKA not mihara)
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  14. x) magnificent.

    But not as magnificent as that SGDQ block that blew everyone’s mind again lol *o* The commentary certainly wasn’t as engaging as it was during AGDQ, but the modes you choose to showcase, as well as the players that went in this event… those things could’ve not been more perfect, especially since we got to see Master mode with the item code, and that was in itself the most fun thing ever \o/
  15. Awesome job as expected guys. I think the commentary probably wasn't that big of a negative - yeah it wasn't detailed with tons of technical aspects and explaining every minutiae of each game and mode, but most people watching probably don't care for that much detail anyway. Thought the mode choices were really good, especially considering raw speed probably wouldn't have impressed quite so much after the debut slot in January. Item master mode in particular worked really well, as it's a constantly evolving game and talking point without having to sit through the best part of 10 minutes of Tetris that's probably fairly similar throughout to a layman. Personally the only real negative I could give would be the change-over time between players/modes, but that didn't really seem to be down to you guys so much as as the SGDQ setup and just general faff of arcade hardware.

    KAN being there adds a lot too - it's nice to be able to say there's the WR holder playing instead of the kind of "yeah we're good but there are some even better dudes in Japan that you're not watching). And having the person playing the game largely shut the fuck up (except for Doubles communication) helped up the average performance as well :p

    Best hope for TGM4 coming out or you guys might struggle to up the ante again for the next slot, definitely quickly becoming one of the most anticipated runs at AGDQ!
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  16. Does anyone know where to watch this segment in full now? I was going through the airport while watching on my phone, so I missed a few parts & couldn't hear very well. Caught most of TGM2 & TGM3, I think. The runs were so amazing, especially from a humble little TGM1 S9's perspective.

    Edit: Never mind, it was easy to find on YouTube if you searched "Summer Games Done Quick" instead of "SGDQ," which only turned up AGDQ results.

    Here it is for easy reference.
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  17. Really enjoyable exhibition, guys. Congrats to all of you!

    You've clearly done a lot for the community on this site, and you're continuing to fill the role of ambassadors of the sport. And even though I'm sure you all love it, it must take some time and dedication to put a showcase like this together. It paid off (for the 2nd time), and I'm certainly grateful for it.

    One of these days I'll get a board! ;)
  18. Was really awesome as I said in the other (wrong?) thread.

    One question I have is who decides to make them races as opposed to single-person runs. I understand that you'd want everyone who goes to get a shot at playing, but personally I think having more than one game going at a time really takes away the viewers concentration.

    If the viewer could focus on just one intense game, they'd really be able to see and catch all the little moves and finesse and stuff. It would also allow the commentators to focus their commentary on the one game going on.

    When I think back to AGDQ at the start of the year, the "main event" was KevinDDR running TI Master Mode. And I think that's because it was just one player, so 100% of the focus (and pressure!) was on him, I think it made for a much better viewing experience.
  19. I already posted some tweets BUT I want to make a longer post here, too :D I didn't get to say everything I wanted to in those!

    Definitely was an awesome showcase! I want to watch it again, because when I was watching it live I was unfortunately starting to get a pretty wicked headache lol, so I'd like to re-watch it without any ailments and maybe pick up on more things I may have missed when I watched it live!

    I was very excited to see KAN play, because I hadn't seen a lot of his play before. Watching him play Shirase that fast (AND CLEAN!) was crazy, and just the fact that he actually ended up not beating it really shows how absolutely cruel that mode really is, I think.

    I liked seeing Item and VS mode, too. Item mode was pretty amusing, and while I personally don't care about VS-style Tetris of any kind, I still enjoyed seeing VS mode played. I was curious about it ever since I heard the awesome music for it for the first time about a month ago.

    Personally, one of my favorite moments was Poochy's Sakura recovery. That was so great, and had to be a gigantic relief for him! (Oh, and also want to say that Sakura mode has fantastic music as well. I mean... TGM3 as a whole does, but still haha)

    Also really felt bad for Kitaru on the solo doubles thing. :( 299/299, damn.

    But, of course, everyone was as impressive as always, and I hope you all had a great time! I'm sure there's tons more awesome stuff I just missed/can't remember right now because my brain's a little foggy.

    Oh yeah, it was also really a bummer Kevin's side was so dark during the Shirase race. Was it simply not fixable? I saw you guys trying to sort it out but I couldn't quite make out what was going on.

    I still want to give TGM a try eventually... but I think I should try to stick with one thing and conquer NES first. ;)

    edit #500, i am forgetful: OH GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE I FORGOT ABOUT QLEX'S DEATH RUN. That was incredible too! There was just so much stuff, dang!

    Also, sorry this post was a little long, haha :x
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  20. I'll make a longer post about all the madness that we went through... For now I just want to point out so I don't forget :
    @EnchantressOfNumbers : SQR is looking for your Twitter. Have one?

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