Sep 2017 *Last chance to buy Jewelry Master Twinkle*

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  1. At the end of the month, the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace is shutting down. While it will remain possible to redownload and play any indie games you purchased prior to the shutdown, it will become impossible to actually buy the games if you have not already done so.

    As some of you know, Arika has released 2 versions of their original puzzle game Jewelry Master on XBLIG:

    Jewelry Master Twinkle (3 difficulty modes)
    Jewelry Master Twinkle Light (1 mode even easier than the above, simplified the core mechanics)

    They are so cheap you might as well grab them both if you are interested. I very much enjoyed the time I spent playing them competitively. If you are into TGM you will find many familiar features (20G, sonic drop, T pieces, wallkicks, etc). It's got local high scores and can also save replays.

    There's lots to love! (In more ways than one! It's also a dating sim sort of, because Japan.)

    If you have an X360 time is running out so don't wait on this!
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