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  1. So I was just screwing around, and randomly ran into Koryan's diagrams folder (don't ask how). I clicked a bunch of things, and found some interesting diagrams, including gravity tables for three games.

    The first one I found is the arcade Tetris by Sega:

    At first, I didn't think much of this. Of course, it didn't mean much to me, because there are no numbers on the side for scale and it had four gravity tables that seemed to be pretty close to what we had on the wiki.

    I found a strange table next:

    However, further investigation led to finding this page, which is a very detailed analysis of Sega Tetris for Dreamcast/Arcade. This makes sense because I've seen Koryan's videos of the game, and it has levels 16 and 17 as its "credit roll".

    A third table is also there:

    This confused me at first, because it looked a lot like the original arcade game's tables, but it wasn't. Then I remembered the "easiest" and "hardest" difficulties of another game and how they didn't change. This is a gravity table for Shimizu Tetris (not including 2CELL, 3CELL, and 20CELL obviously). It is in strange units (sec/18 blocks) but it can be easily converted to G by dividing 18 over the number and then dividing that by 60.

    EDIT: I found this. Apparently, this table is actually from Tetris S, although it appears to be the same table as Shimizu...
    EDIT2: Well, it appears there's a bunch of pages that detail different games. Lucky us!
    EDIT3: Wait, shit, does that mean Tetris S stole its tables from Shimizu?

    In any case, I looked again at the original Tetris gravity table and found that while it was not numbered, it had the same scale as the Shimizu table. The middle three curves are all the same, as well. Most of the data between Koryan's graph and the wiki tables line up. However, there are some exceptions:

    • Hardest lv. 0 is 1/20G on the graph and 1/30G on the wiki
    • Hardest lv. 1 is 1/16G on the graph and 1/15G on the wiki
    Which is correct, Koryan's graph or the data from the wiki? Does Koryan's site have other pages lurking in obscurity that have analyses of the original game and Shimizu Tetris?
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