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Thread in 'Hardware' started by KevinDDR, 18 Jul 2011.

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    Hey dudes!

    This is just a place to hold all of the final details regarding the TAP PCB purchase for the Seattle TGM community. The best price I can find for TAP is $600 shipped. This breaks down as $120 x 5, or $100 x 6. The board will be installed at the U-district branch of Seattle TGM Headquarters (within 5 minutes walking distance of the University of Washington Seattle campus) in a setup with two fully Sanwa'd arcade sticks and direct video recording capabilities, and will be accessible on a reasonable basis. The purchase will be made within one week of hitting 5 committed purchasers, and payments are due in full before the board will be purchased. If at any time in the future any purchaser decides that they don't want to have their share in the board, they can sell it to either another member of the initial purchase group or an outsider. If the group unanimously decides to sell the board, the proceeds from the sale will be split in proportion to however many shares each current owner holds.

    Please post your intent to join the group purchase in this thread.

    Confirmed buyers:
    1. KevinDDR
    2. Samael
    3. TWF
    4. Magna (money almost confirmed - $80)
    5. Kx5
    6. ?

    Time of tentative purchase: 5:30pm PST July 26
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  2. I'll commit to buying ^^
  3. Muf


    I wish you all many condomless orgies with the board. REAL ARCADE REPRESENT! :p
  4. K


    I could sell mine..
  5. K


    kind of masochist concept to buy a game and inserting coin for playing it :D
  6. Committed to taking care of my B.I. as well as fans
    Committed to recognition when our cover's up in the jam
    Committed to winning, committed to represent
    How do raters like to say it committed to excellence
    Committed to staying focused and keeping a level head
    Committed to be the underdog and stay partly purebred
    Committed to the streets of Queens to Hempstead
    Committed to find a chick that knows how to give head
    Committed to making jams that'll fuck chick in the ass
    Committed to smacking emcees who tend to talk trash
    Committed to get the cash committed to make it last
    Committed to the beautiful high island of Trinidad
    Committed to keeping how come it to not give a what
    Committed to A.T.C.Q. whether broken up or not
    Committed to make moves and straight blow up the spot
    Whether you like it or not
  7. I'm about 95% committed. >_> I have about eighty bucks available so it's a matter of my dad spotting me the money.
  8. kx5


    Sorry about the late reply, I'll top it off and be the 5th person.
  9. SWR


    I wish I lived in Seattle. I'm stuck in so-cal with the In The Groove community.

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