Seattle January TC Meeting: Sunday 1/25 @ 3pm

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by KevinDDR, 9 Jan 2009.

  1. So it's that time again...who is interested in a meeting this month?!?!

    The Ti cabinet at Acme has new Sanwa sticks now and it is quite amazing. I know we have a small community in Seattle, but I will do my best for a festive occasion!

    Here's a list of potential preparations we need:

    - Laptops and sticks (I have one, Radish has one) for TAP/TGM while we are waiting.

    Please let me know if you are interested in attending and what you feel about the above issues in this thread.

    The meeting date is confirmed for .

    The cabinet currently has 2 Sanwa JLW sticks on it with Seimitsu LB-39 blue bubble ball tops. The buttons are either Happ or some other equally poor American brand, but that might change depending on whether or not Bill wants/is able to shop the cabinet for Sanwas by next weekend. Versus level I believe is currently set to 200, which isn't great but is probably a lot more playable than it originally was.

    At any rate, hope you guys enjoy this!

    Current attending list:
    Ezzelin (confirmed!)
    KevinDDR/K.Birrell/KevinTGM/Zealous K./dj KDDR/Kevin (I think confirmed?!?! How would I not be?)
    Radish (confirmed!)
    Tada (confirmed!)
    HoneyPunched/Laura (confirmed!)
    ancsik (depends on if above drags aforementioned to meeting)
    Matsuura (confirmed!)
  2. Yep, I'm there, as long as I don't have a conflict on the day you schedule it. I will bring video equipment, as well.
  3. I'm there.

    The TGM3 is about to recieve another upgrade! We are installing new Sanwa buttons courtesy of the pockets of K. Birrell and Masterman Vending. I also ordered new bubble-blue ball tops for the Sanwa sticks, so I think Bill will put those on as well. Be prepared for some amazing play soon!
  5. I will be there but you obviously already knew that

    internet chat is a powerful tool.
  6. Muf


    If all else fails, bring pliers and fit them yourself, it's not hard [​IMG]
  7. Anyone agreed on a time and date yet?
  8. Well, I've been talking with a couple of people about the 23rd or 24th. Do either of those days sound good to anyone?
  9. 24th would be better for me, as I'm going to the Jonathan Coulton concert on the 23rd.
  10. Sorry I've been in my posting about this event but it looks like the date is finally confirmed. unless anyone has any objections to that!

    I'd also like to mention that this doesn't exclusively have to be a TGM meeting; if you know people who play other arcade games at Acme it'd be nice if you could let them know about this too! I think it'd be fun to get a lot of people in the arcade at the same time.
  11. Alright! Meeting is tomorrow! Hope to see you guys there! I'll be arriving around 4 because I'm fat and lazy and stuff like that. Yeah. =

    Bill said on Friday that George was heading out that evening to install the buttons, so I have no clue if they're actually there now. We'll see, I guess!
  12. Buttons were there but 1300 was not.

    Still a fun meetup [​IMG]
  13. Yup...1282 will have to do until next week.

    The Sanwa buttons are installed! Great!!! Thanks a bunch to Masterman Vending!

    So now the cabinet is in full working order with good sticks and buttons...WHO IS READY FOR A TOURNAMENT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Are you ready?

    The tournament will of course be held on the only TGM3 cabinet in the United States at in Tukwila, Washington.

    More details to be decided on. This is in place of the next large meeting.

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