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Thread in 'Other games' started by Rosti LFC, 20 Jul 2016.

  1. Been getting back into mahjong recently, wondering if anyone else is interest in setting up some social games on Tenhou occasionally? I know a few people have played it before ( PoochyEXE, @DrPete) and I've heard rumours online that @Qlex is interested...

    Might be difficult to get both a US and EU crowd together except at weekends, but can look into that once there's a measure of interest.
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  2. i'd probably be up
    which one is riichi again? i've played a fair bit of mahjong in the past (my nanna owns a couple sets) though i'm pretty sure it was some weird amalgamation of different rulesets rather than one specific one
  3. Riichi is the Japanese ruleset (featured in animus such as Akagi and Saki). Notably it's the one that lets you call riichi, other differentiating rules include the presence of dora, the fact you need a yaku/fan to win, and that dealing someone's winning tile results in you having to pay for their win from your own points.

    The only other one I'm properly familiar with is Chinese/Hong Kong rules for mahjong (also known as MCR), and I'd say in comparison to that it's substantially better as a strategic game.
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  4. Super addicted to my crappy version of mahjong with bugs on smartphone. I'm soooo down for playing on Tenhou!

    post-ESA mahjong sessions could be nice. Hit me up whenever and I can make this work!
  5. If I'm around ever I'd play if there's a space.

    for IOS I played mahjong demon but it seems to be somewhat expensive for the full version for the amount of features and I didn't find a way to make it use japanese terms

    But now on android I've been playing tohaiden which has a multiplayer and singleplayer mode featuring manga characters like akagi, washizu and other series' characters (yet to find out if you play washizu mahjong against washizu)

    Best place to get it is from qooapp

    its official site is

    of course you could get bluestacks and play tohaiden if you really wanted a good singleplayer game on pc

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