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  1. I made a game with mechanics similar to NES Tetris.

    The main differences being that pressing left or right during line clear or entry delay results in full DAS charge and pressing and holding a rotation button during entry delay results in the piece rotating immediately after it spawns.

    The game has two game modes. Easy Mode and Death Mode.
    Easy Mode is similar to A-TYPE.
    Death Mode is a faster game mode starting at 1/2G, 8 frames of entry delay ARE and 16 frames of line clear delay. The objective is to clear as many lines as possible before the game reaches unmanageable speeds. The speed of the game will increase based on the size of your line clears. Smaller line clears will cause the level to increase faster than larger line clears.

    The game supports both keyboard and gamepad input. The controls are configurable by editing the options.cfg file. If you need to change the controls, you can make things a little easier by setting printInputsToConsole equal to 1 in options.cfg. That will run the game with a console window which tells you key codes and button codes.

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  2. The video looks great! Awesome work. Would love to see it compiled for macOS and Linux.

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