Retro-Gaming event in Paris' Suburbs

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by Tomek, 9 Sep 2018.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm organising a video-games related event from the 31st of October (Wednesday) to the 4th of November (Sunday). I hope we can make a TGM meetup of it as well.

    The setup will have a dozen of CRTs with most of the classic game consoles ranging from the Famicom/NES to the PS2/Dreamcast/GameCube and a few Arcade games like TGM 1/2/3, Metal Slug, Windjammers, Magical Drop, Puzzle Bubble, ...

    We can provide sleeping accommodations for those that need it, so housing shouldn't be an issue.

    @Qlex will be planning the different tournaments that can be organized.

    This place is around 30min from central Paris by suburban train (RER line D).
    Free entry. Food and Drinks are available on site.

    I liked the idea of having a chill meetup for a long weekend and I know a bunch of people wanted to come to France (@Archina? @Oliver? @Muf?) This could also be a nice opportunity to see some French newcomers like @Oshisaure . Tell me what you think [​IMG]
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  2. dont have the funds, also school
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  3. I'm already flying off to CTWC during October and will probably be needed at work during that week. So I'd say the earliest I can manage any event is in January. D:
    Definitely want to go at some point though.
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