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  1. Hey all,

    So I recently got Movavi Video Suite, so as to turn on the screen capture and record hour long chunks of emulated NES Tetris. Now, mayhap it's just in my mind, but I seem to notice a very slight lag in my gameplay, and its throwing me off terrible.

    I want to be able to review my gameplay and to upload relevant videos for the communities enjoyment (Epic Fails, Mostly) but I cant seem to work around this lag, real or imaginary.

    Any thoughts? Suggestions? Is this relevant to my gameplay at this point? I have yet to break 300K (Not for lack of grinding...). Is there a different program that might run smoother? My computer isn't bad but its not fantastic either.

    Thanks Folks!

  2. I'm not familiar with Movavi Video Suite, but a common program for streaming is Open Broadcast Software (OBS) which is free and open source. OBS can stream to a service like twitch and record locally at the same time or do either independently. It might be worth trying OBS to see if it's lighter weight than Movavi. I don't have a lot of emulator experience so I don't have a lot of other advice, but there may be settings in how the video is encoded to make the capture run lighter as well.
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  3. For recording I just use OBS and set the output to MP4 so other video editing software can read it correctly. I'm pretty sure you could just make a scene, add the emulator window and crop it to be just the video and play whilst it records.

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  4. Much Thanks! I will look into OBS and report my findings.

    *30 Minutes Later*

    Woah. Now that's what I'm talking about!


    Thanks again to you both!
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  5. Muf


    OBS is a fine piece of software, but I would recommend against MP4 in favour of FLV. Anyone who's had unfinished MP4 recordings would concur.

  6. Yeah, it's interesting that you bring that up. When I set the video output to MP4, the warning OBS gave me, about that very thing, made me kinda nervous.
    But then I figured:

    "What are the odds of a power outage while recording?".
    "What are the odds of my computer BSOD-ing me?".
    "What are the odds that I lose a great recording because of an unforeseen complication?".


    I live in New York and Winter is Coming. Power outages are a very real fear.
    My computer isn't the greatest. It does it's tasks admirably though. It hasn't ever BSOD'd before but that doesn't mean a thing. It very well could, for no discernible reason.
    If I ran a 300K or 400K game, which would be a huge deal for me, and then lost it, I would be quite upset. And the odds don't seem to favor the risk.

    All that being said...

    My next question would be about any potential upload issues to YouTube or Twitch using FLV format.
    Then my next questions would be about relative file size differences between the two formats, MP4 and FLV.
    And finally I would ask about lag issues arising from using FLV, as opposed to MP4.

    Cost Benefit Analysis is a beautiful concept. :)
  7. Muf


    Upload issues: none (YouTube has itself for the longest time used FLV while it was still using the Flash plugin before Google moved to HTML5)
    File size differences: negligible (maybe even in favour of FLV)
    Lag issues: none
    Compatibility issues: some players and NLEs won't play back FLV

    The compatibility issues can be worked around by remuxing the finished recording to MP4.
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  8. Well then. It would seem to me that the practical course of action would be to use the FLV format.

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