Random nonsense: Playing Tetris while falling asleep

Thread in 'Discussion' started by DDRKirby(ISQ), 22 Dec 2010.

  1. I've never actually done it; just come somewhat close a few times (one of them was actually playing keyblox while in class, lol). I've played Tetris without glasses, and played Tetris with eyes unfocused, but never actually while falling asleep. Anyone else ever done it? xD There was one time where I considered doing it just to see what it would be like. You know, because falling asleep while trying to write something or do work or whatever usually results in silliness.

    Maybe it'd be like trying to play while drunk.
  2. I've done it. From my experience, it's sort of like you're in a daze and when you make mistakes, you don't really care. And then when your eyes somehow closes on its own volition, when you open them again, you realised you've been letting pieces fall without moving them. Not that exciting. :rolleyes:

    It's different when you're drunk since you don't have periods where you blackout. As everyone reacts to alcohol differently, playing while under influence is an topic saturated in opinions.

    That help you any? :V
  3. yea haha. i'll probably end up doing it at some point when i'm just bored out of my mind. for now though i'm sticking to actual concrete training =P
  4. SYN7HOR

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    Like all videogames for me, I usually play TGM better after 1-3 beers, but more than that seriously handicaps me. It's VERY playable after some herb though.

    And no, I couldn't possibly fall asleep playing games, or even watching a movie. I need a fucking bed.
  5. Try staying up for 2 days and see how you do.

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