Question for the really fast Tetris players.

Thread in 'Strategy' started by Big Grizzle, 16 May 2007.

  1. Big Grizzle

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    All of my friends that have seen me play IRL think I am super quick at this game. Compared to the average joe I suppose I am. However the elite players of this game seem to defy the laws of physics with the speed at which they play.

    One particular player on x-box live - Gamertag PHiLLyZF1NeZT(or something similar) can tetris/t-spin me off the screen with ease. This guy once beat me using only doubles and triples. 1 game I laid down 4 tetrises and 2 t-spins mainly b2b's as fast as I could and still lost. When I checked the scores and stats. I had cleared 38 lines. This guy was on 50+ lines cleared no tetris', 1 t-spin(Which I countered at the start)...WTF???!!!!

    I DLed LJ and the fastest I can manage is 65 tetronimoes per minute. I have seen a few vids on youtube of some of the posters on here clocking upwards of 130+ tetronimoes per second. How did you get that fast? Did it come naturally or did you practice it?
  2. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    1993 --> 1997 : Tetris & Dr. M (301 lines)

    1998 --> 2002 : No Tetris

    2002 --> 2004 : Recover on T & Dr.M (328 lines)

    2004 --> 2005 : TGM1 (Gm in April)

    (3 month on TGM1 at 120%)

    2005 --> 2007 : TGM2+ (S7 in Nov 2005, S9 and Death M in March 2007)

    Today --> TGM1 : Gm in 11min28

    --> TGM2 : S9 in 9min21

    : M - 519

    Total numbers of hours estimated --> ~ 2000 hours +/- 10%

    Little resume of my tetris life..

    I think it's a question of training.. [​IMG]

    That comes naturaly but you must force it!

    Lot of us have used a special cheat or saves to improve faster..(for TGM2)
  3. philly's really good, and i'm thinking you've got a few layers left on the game to go. have a look around the wiki. try general strategy.
  4. Really, I think most speed comes with either practice or natural ability. Or, with the uber-fast players like caff and jono, a lot of both.

    LJ frustrates me slightly, because I know that with a gamepad or even a better keyboard I could probably break 130 without a massive amount of trouble.

    I didn't really play that much until TDS. I had Tetris for the NES and GB, and enjoyed them both, but there was a gap of at least 8 years before TDS came out.

    A lot of it is perseverance. I remember only 9 months or so ago when I'd see the ratings of players like caffeine and be certain that I'd never be good enough to get a rating like that. For a long time I was happy simply being in the top 2000 or so TDS players worldwide. Then I slowly climbed up to the point where I'm no longer happy with my position unless it's a place in the top 100.

    A lot of practice really does help with speed. You have to be able to play without thinking. To use both rotate buttons, and to know where to place the next piece before you even get it, and to know exactly which buttons to press and for how long to get it there. I've played with a piece of paper covering the top of the playing field and no ghost piece, and it doesn't make much difference to how I play (though I misdrop a bit more). I don't need to be able to see the pieces. There's not much you can do to achieve that without practice and some natural ability.
  5. K


    First, what game are you playing IRL with your friends and xbox-live ?

    i've never been addicted on puzzle game until i discovered TGM :

    - casualy played tetris gameboy as everybody when i was young but no exceptionnal skills

    - Played hard on TetriSphere to complete all challenge but nothing exceptionnal too.

    - Started TGM1 3 years ago on zinc after i seen the famous "NOV" player video, and i would say that my level was "average joe"

    As every game It depend more of "what you really want".

    There is not magic formula that will instantly change you into a "mighty tetris god".

    We can give you whatever tips, It's only up to you, to reveal the power that lie in your hands.

    So stop playing and start training but remember :

    Winner don't use drugs.

    ps : no offence at all !! [​IMG]
  6. Perfectly worded

    I have been playing Tetris games for around 2 years, but the ammount of hours I have played for is uncountable.

    - Jono
  7. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Winner don't use drugs. 
    ps : no offence at all !! 
    From my friend, a very hardcore gamer, 30 years ago, certainely the best french player at kof and street, (a little crazy like you Jago [​IMG] ) the good using of extasy can upgrad few ability for the fighting games..

    I've discused a lot with him about the potential of extasy for Death mode, he knows the requirements for becoming a Death Master, and sincerly he thinks it's not a good idea for a game like tetris, but I've scheduled to try it and report back here..

    One of us must try.. [​IMG]

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    I totally agree. You have to make a goal for yourself to reach. Start analysing how you play and make changes to your habits one at a time.
  9. Big Grizzle

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    I used to play Tetris on the original huge grey brick of a Gameboy. A few friends at school used to bring their's to school, but that stopped about a week after I brought mine in as we started gambling on who would win. I beat everyone at school. This was about 13 years ago however.

    I still play it single player to this day. My Mum is addicted to it, so whenever I visit home I normally steal her GB & go into Tetris mode for a few hours each day I'm there.

    I have never really played for score as I found it more of a survival game. Best ever was 301 lines. However I normally die on exactly 279 lines. It's like a cursed number for me... [​IMG]

    I'm playing Tetris Evolution on 360 at the moment. I'm just trying to get as high up the leaderboard on marathon fixed(Currently number 17 with a emasly 600,000 score) & Ranked Vs(Floating somewhere between 74 & 94 it changes daily). 99% of the players I come across I can beat, but then I am normally taught a lesson in humility, by

    A) messing it up and mis-dropping.


    B) coming across Philly 10 times in a row. I did win once against him, but I think that had more to do with him messing up than me doing anything exceptional.

    What can I say I just love this game & have come to the conclusion that by the top players standards I am a n00b. Add in my competetive nature and I want to get better!

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    That's the spirit! Knowing that you can still improve is the first step to becoming a great player.

    By the way, the competion on the DS is much fiercer. [​IMG]
  11. In terms of beating people, I find misdrops are a good point to work on.

    Don't be scared to play a little bit slower if it means that every piece finds it's mark. Playing at 120ppm instead of 100ppm doesn't make much difference if you misdrop. Play as quickly as you can while still making sure that you don't misdrop. Especially against opponents weaker than you, where misdrops are the only way they'll get the opportunity to win.

  12. Who is your friend ? (as I know everybody ^^)

    As for the topic: train, train, train.

    BUT you need to play with the same mentality as a japanese guy in the arcade: if you loose this game, you loose your money.

    I've seen a lot of people here sending their videos to ask how they should improve. Many times, I was shocked how fast they were giving up.

    For me, as long as "game over" didn't appear on the screen, I MUST try to save my ass and go on playing, even in desperate cases (even if, in some too-speedy cases, it just means try to do the fewer bullshits move I can to win a couple of seconds of game)
  13. cyberguile has it spot on: play each game out. Everyone makes mistakes, Tetris is about who can fix them the best.

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    Unless you're going for speedruns and not for improvement, in which case you'd try to avoid serious errors.
  15. K


    oups, i forgot... played a little bit to shmups :

    - finished Raiden DX, expert stages course with 1 credit ( 9 levels)

    and few others games...
  16. Big Grizzle

    Big Grizzle Unregistered

    Thanks for the encouragement guys.

    I beat my best score last night! It's just under 700k. Which apparently is 6th on overall the leaderboards. Although it wouldn't be if some more of the players on here had 360s. It's also less than half of the top score! I'm just not good enough yet to do the 50 Tspins 10+ Tetrises with 60 B2B bonuses!

    I do think this infinite spin harms my plan to improve my speed somewhat. I noticed that after a while I was instinctively moving a piece back and forth to stop it from locking. I think the way to go from here is try to get on the ultra mode top ten leaderboard. Even if I can't manage it it should stop me from abusing the infinity spin, thus improving my Vs game.

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    I'd imagine the 360's leaderboard gap in rankings is due to the lack of participation from Japan hehe.

    Infinite spin does somewhat spoil you but there are players here that still play fast even with the option. You'll get the hang of it eventually and start locking faster.

    If TDS Vs. applies here, you can try to work on your BtB skills and avoid overstacking. Throw a few T-Spin Doubles into the mix.

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    I'd imagine the 360's leaderboard gap in rankings is due to the lack of participation from Japan hehe.

    Infinite spin does somewhat spoil you but there are players here that still play fast even with the option. You'll get the hang of it eventually and start locking faster.

    If TDS Vs. applies here, you can try to work on your BtB skills and avoid overstacking. Throw a few T-Spin Doubles into the mix.
  19. Big Grizzle

    Big Grizzle Unregistered

    I have not played TDS. From the replays I have seen on youtube and having tried some of the 1 line TSpin setups from the wiki. I know that some don't work on Evolution.

    I do throw in a few TSpin doubles when the opportunities present themselves now. Although I am not always the best judge of when to go for it. As I have lost games against weaker players when the set up has gone wrong.

    Initially TSpins were completely alien to me. It meant stacking in ways I wouldn't dream of if I was playing on my Mum's Gameboy. However they score 18,000(27,000 with a B2B) on lvl 15 and only take 2 lines off the total 150 before game over. So I knew I'd have to learn and incorporate them.
  20. Big Grizzle

    Big Grizzle Unregistered

    I have had a lot of improvement recently.


    880,000k and 3rd place overall.

    Score 25K

    2 mins 22 secs. 4th or 5th overall I can't remember.

    Ranked Vs

    Been as low as 49 currentlt about 75th because I lost one game. I'm not convinced the leaderboard knows what it is doing. My winning % has gone up from 70% to 77%.

    ...but I'm still stumped on how to lock each piece when playing on level 15. I have noticed that it is harder to move the pieces left and right after a hard lock. This normally ends up with a piece just ending up in the middle messing up my stack.

    Is this hardlock thing a side effect of all the TGM you guys play? Any tips on how to learn how to use this properly would be greatly appreciated.

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