quadra tetris speed freak watch that crazy video!

Thread in 'Discussion' started by herc, 16 Nov 2006.

  1. Heh, caffeine showed me that on blockstats chat last week.

    It's a pretty awesome video.

    I don't think it is, but it could be speeded up.
  2. tepples

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    How is anybody supposed to survive the onslaught of three different colors of garbage seen at 1:25 (MyVideo version) or 1:51 (YouTube version)?
  3. "How is anybody supposed to survive the onslaught of three different colors of garbage seen at 1:25."

    In Quadra, you don't win by surviving, you win by making fifteen frags first. Frags are complicated to explain, but it has to do with sending a lot of garbage. So really, it's very important to send garbage, but I guess survival is important in that you want to survive to send more. If you notice, garbage is a mirror to what the oppenent cleared minus the clearing tetrominoes (again, hard to explain), so since most people clear the left column (even though they should be clearing the right), you can prepare by adding more I's to the left, which gravity will automatically clear once the garbage comes.
  4. cdsboy

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    well personally i'm gonna go download quadra. Then i'm gonna give it a try. But the one thing i do know is, lockjaw needs the preview above the shadow.
  5. tetrisdude

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    is that game downloadable?????

    I would love to play that guy.....
  6. cdsboy

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  7. tetrisdude

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  8. Azkar

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    how do you get the piece to appear above the shadow?
  9. I just played it online for an hour or two, and I thought it was great.

    Everyone should download it. Once you get used to the rotation and unorthodox gravity, it's pretty good. It has a lot of depth for a Tetris game.

    The strange gravity promotes what would be poor stacking on any other Tetris games.
  10. cdsboy

    cdsboy Unregistered

    hmmm i guess i'll have to give it a try...
  11. Sorry to dig up this old aging thread, but I just discovered Quadra <G>. I remember last year seeing screenies of it, but for some reason I wasn't impressed.

    Got bored today, downloaded it, and it's quite cool... there are active servers still online today as well [​IMG] I was thinking how commercial/retail quality that the game looked, when I then found out it used to be retail (before it went open-source).

    Anyhoo, 'twas looking for some nice CD music to play in the background (the game supports changing Redbbook audio tracks as you advance through the levels). I've been a fan of Jussi "Elwood" Salmela's Tracker XM format tunes for many years now, and used XMPlay's "disk writer" feature to create WAV files.

    Burn't 'em to CD, and they make for great background music for Quadra (or any other Tet. game for that matter, escpecially if it supports level/redbook audio track changes).

    P.S. I've used some of Elwood's XM tunes for a few of my LJ skins [​IMG]
  12. I'd play Quadra a little more if there were a few more beginners around. I'll play for about 20 seconds and then get slammed with several 8-line clears and die.
  13. Speaking of which, development is ongoing. Current version that is available via source is 1.20rc4. Should be the official version soon. Porting to SDL was delayed until 1.3.
  14. Hehe, sounds like you and I need to play a few matches <LOL>!

    Thanks for the info [​IMG]

  15. did you tested the new version ? what is new stuff ? exciting news anyway!

  16. I don't know about Lardarse, but I myself haven't tried the new version. Unfortunately, by the sound of it I may not even be able to run the final 1.2 (or higher) releases, as the developers don't seem like they'll be supporting Windows 98. I'm running Windows 98 SE, and am *not* going to upgrade to Windows XPee.

    Anyhow, here's the message thread talking about it over in the Quadra development forums -> http://groups.google.com/group/quadra-d ... b55d24d410 [​IMG]
  17. tepples

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    Fall 2000 is pretty much where I draw the line as to whether a PC can be made capable of running XP. I've upgraded a couple machines made in 1999 or thereabouts from Windows 9x to Puppy Linux 4. Want someone to burn and mail you a copy of Puppy so you can try it out?

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