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  1. Is anyone really good at it?
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    define "being good at super puzzle fighter 2 turbo" [​IMG]

    i used to play this alot with my friend couple years ago. it's very addictive (though sometimes there is a bit cuteness overload) but very very fun to play. it is a bit imbalanced though, the best character to use is obviously ken... the attack patterns could've been more balanced.

    surely, in TGM versus mode players get the same sequences of tetraminos, but only the "item" blocks are different, so that's less of a problem; besides, you can always play in "no item" mode. in puzzle fighter, say you pick ryu and the opponent picks donovan, you're at disadvantage right from the start because ryu attacks in "columns", and donovan has a bit more complicated pattern. but maybe they design it this way so players could select their handicap that way.

    the other problem of the game is the "diamond" trick - if you slide it into a tunnel and rotate it at the last moment, for some reason, the opponent recieves full damage (as opposed to half of it). and there's no way to play without that diamond.

    i don't know about the hd remake for 360, maybe they fixed that bug, apart from adding some new modes and stuff to it.
  3. The XBLA version has a new mode which rebalances some of the characters (Ryu, Sakura, Morrigan, Felicia, Hsein Ko have edited patterns, Akuma does 100% damage but takes 120%, Chun-Li does 120%, Devilot does 85%) and the diamond always does 80% damage.
  4. yeah, the HD version was rebalanced. i was just wondering if anyone knew any effective tactics. what i've been doing is building "glued" boxes on columns two and three of the color that appears on the bottom row (of columns 3 and/or 2) of the opponent's garbage. it's the best i could come up with. the hard part, i find, is to time when to send garbage, since i'm always a way ahead of everyone in speed, and a poorly timed send could mean a big counter-attack.

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