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  1. http://puyo.sega.jp/puyopuyotetris/

    Is anyone else here hyped about this game? There's a 100% chance it will be a gloriously unbalanced mess but I'm still super excited.

    If you don't know what Puyo Puyo is, it's a primarily versus-based puzzle game where you build up chain reactions:

    Puyo Puyo Tetris is going to be a weird combination of the 2 games. Both are active simultaneously, so you could have say a puyo and a tetris player battling it out. Actually they have several different combined modes.


    There's a big Puyo character roster, not to mention personifications of all 7 tetris pieces are confirmed (!!!).


    It's only confirmed for Japan so far, but it's getting a PS3 released so it's somewhat accessible for people to import the region free PS3 release.
  2. I saw an ad for this while I was in Tokyo last week. Sounds like it could be interesting.
  3. Demo is out on PS3 PSN right now for anyone who's made a JP account!
  4. For those who eats frogs, french fries & mussels, fondue and poutine:
    There's a lengthy let's play of it by Ken Bogard. (Ken Bogard = famous french fighting game commentator, and also a puyo nerd)
  5. Apparently not the same order of tetrominoes for two Tetris players facing each other, while not being the case for Puyo Puyo players, but the game seems pretty interesting. I might play the Puyo Puyo part of the game ^^


    The lack of versus in the demo makes the game look pretty bad :( (and no the ai is super horrible so it doesn't count) Once online hits i'm sure this game will be great. The combination mode looks the most fun, trying to think of ways to score a huge chain and tetris combos at the same time laugh.

    Edit: Just got the game and that sega tetris remix. <3
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  7. Mine shipped today!
  8. Is this worth getting a PS3 for?
  9. Realistically probably not I guess? I'm still pretty excited though. I'll post impressions once it gets here and I spend some time with it.
  10. That's crazy. In the last match, ALF does an amazing combo given all the trash that he's got and still loses.

    Swap and PuyoTetMix? What do you mean?
  11. Swap and PuyoTetMix are two of the other modes.

    Swap alternates between Puyo and Tetris modes on a fixed timer. If the piece that was active during the swap would clear lines/puyo, then the damage carries over into the other mode! (If not, the piece poofs out of existence rather than cause a misdrop.)

    PuyoTetMix features puyos and tetrominoes interacting in the same playfield. Hard dropped tetrominoes squish through any puyos straight to the bottom. (Any puyos squished are displaced to the top.) Soft dropped tetrominoes go down up to three(?) rows of puyos before settling. Only puyo will clear with puyo, only tetrominoes will line clear with tetrominoes.

    Both of these modes are perfectly balanced because they are symmetric. The only thing that might throw a curveball for some players is the initial mode roulette in Swap -- whether you start in Tetris or Puyo is a coin flip.

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