Precompiled shmupmametgm for OSX/Dead Wiki Links

Thread in 'Discussion' started by samhaberman, 8 Nov 2017.

  1. So I have been emulating shmupmame 4.2 in Crossover for emulating TGM and TAP so far, but after doing some reading I'm not totally sure that v4.2 includes the TGM input filtering/input lag reduction that is used in shmupmametgm (they don't specify a modified zn.c driver in v4.2). The link in the wiki for either a Windows or Mac OSX version of shmupmametgm is dead (GitHub source still live), and I'm at the limits of my CS skills in trying to compile a version from source myself. Does anyone have a precompiled version of Mac OSX version of shmupmametgm they could host somewhere? Would be super duper helpful.
  2. I've tried to compile it for Mac OS several times but never been successful.
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  3. OK I've settled on running it in Wine, it seems to be fine.

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