Strategy: PPS in TGM3 Classic

Thread in 'Discussion' started by XeaL, 25 Mar 2015.

  1. Hey doods, just wondering what the minimum Pieces per second in classic was. Just need an estimate (i.e. not accounting for line clear and step-reset)

    In shirase is the calculation as simple as 1/ ((ARE + Lock Delay)/60)?
  2. Technically you can reset lock delay to buy a little more time but yeah that should be the calc.
  3. Muf


    Don't forget you can hold each piece once before lock delay runs out.
  4. So that means at shirase 1200 it's 5pps (excluding hold and step reset)!!
  5. If you lose control and things are perfectly flat or dropping straight in the center, yeah. You can add a few frames here and there to account for stack slope (which will incur step reset, and lets us add 1~4 frames for the distance traversed via DAS until the last elevation drop) and late DAS charge before the first step reset (which will likely be at least one frame because ARE and DAS timings are both 4 frames and it is unlikely that it will be perfectly charged before spawn).

    If we assume perfect DAS charge (say, held over from a previous piece) but with the maximum amount of frames added from an elevation drop at the wall, then the piece would be active for 16 frames. If every piece were active for 16 frames, that would drop our estimate to 3.75pps. Of course, not every piece would benefit from the maximum slowing by step reset at the wall, so it's going to be somewhere in between. This is, however, before taking into other sources of "slowing" -- it's still probably closer to 4pps if you have active control of the game than it is to 5pps which would probably only happen when things start to go sideways.

    If you want to talk about a minimum, you can already automatically halve any value you come up with for a single piece in order to account for perfect (i.e. TAS-only) abuse of Hold.

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