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Thread in 'Hardware' started by Goretham, 15 Jan 2017.

  1. Friends.

    I have tried so many times to get mame working on my computer. I feel like such a complete tool. I have gotten help from multiple people who have known so much, and yet, and yet. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would be so very appreciative.

    -The issue is ROM not found.
    -New mac.
    -Newest mame.,, and all in roms folder. in ROMs folder.

    Your name will be sung in the Halls of the God-Warriors if you can help. Thanks all.
  2. Muf


    You also need, and you're missing
  3. Thanks so much for the reply. All files in roms folder, unzipped, ROM still missing

    UPDATE: for some reason when i made a new rom folder and changed the path, tgm2 started working! tgm1 still not working for some reason but I am super excited.
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  4. For tgm1 you need also.
  5. Thank you for the suggestion! Unfortunately tgm1 unchanged.
  6. tgmj stopped working a few versions ago in updated MAME.
  7. oh hey man, good to hear from you, maybe we'll bump into each other at replayfx again this summer?

    i guess i'll try to dig up some old versions. thanks for the tip!
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  8. It all works. You're all great and it all works. TGM1 is a little blurry but whatever. GM here I come.

    Thanks everyone!
  9. Muf


    Try setting prescale to 3 in mame.ini.
  10. If you start mame from command line (e.g. "mame tgmj") it should tell you exactly which files are needed.

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