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Thread in 'Discussion' started by Amnesia, 16 Nov 2012.

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    Here is a short line of my problem.

    I have been running these last few years on Window VISTA, then Window 7.

    On these config, what everybody suggest for playing TGM1 with the best emulated conditions, is the stuff called SCHMUPSMAME or whatever..
    I tried the lastest version of these...
    I tried the one which makes run TAP very fine on my comp.
    I asked max that he directely gives me his stuff he uses to be sure.
    None of them was able to work : no input lag, but a framerate disastrous.

    That is why I played that long on TGM using the very old and first release of TGM, on MAME 0.99u4, from 2001 I think. A significant input lag, but still, I was able to have nice times under 9min50.

    Now I am on Window 8, and this old MAME doesnt work anymore and I changed nothing, just copy pasted my folder from my old to new comp.

    So in case if I would have missed something : what is at this day, the best emulated TGM1 ? Can someone send me again his stuff in PM ?
  2. When I get home from work I can give you my files (the mametgm ones) and lead you through how to use it. If it's not just you being crap and is some genuine problem of it not working on Windows 8 though then there's nothing I can do - I'm still on Win7 and I really can't be bothered installing a copy of Win8 to do troubleshooting with (not that I expect I'd be able to fix it to begin with).
  3. Wouldn't be surprising that such an old program won't work on windows 8
    As of shmupmame, TGM1 also has a horrible framerate on my laptop but it runs well on my P.C
  4. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    This world is insane...
    TGM1 is

    14 YEARS OLD

    And today nobody has been able to get something which run well with 3 frame max of input lag ?!

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