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  1. Since first joining the Tetris community back in the late 2000's, I've met a lot of great people. And throughout the journey, I think there have been quite a few times where various people in the community haven't gotten the recognition they deserve, or there are players who haven't gotten ANY recognition because they may have felt overshadowed by other people's accomplishments. Despite that, I think most of us feel "good" when we're recognized in some way. In a higher sense, when we accomplish something that is extremely significant / or in a much simpler sense, when others simply recognize our growth, no matter how insignificant it might seem to some.

    I believe that, the more we encourage each other and share each other's passions, the more we'll grow as a community.

    So I'd like to start this off by making some comments about various people in the community who I appreciate and who have had an impact on me (not only as a player, but as a person). Because there are too many people on my mind, some of them might not be listed in order of significance - so don't read this list in that sense, lol:

    1. Whoever came up with the missions on Tetris Friends! Prior to discovering these, I had gotten to a point in my "Tetris life" where I felt "bored"... I wondered if Tetris could be anything more than "How many lines can I get?" or "How long can I play for before dying?". The missions gave me a whole new outlook on the game; that there WAS more to it than what I had gotten "stuck" in.

    2. Whoever from the Arika team created the "secret grade" in the TGM series. Without that, there's no telling if I would've ever discovered the pattern building abilities that were dormant inside me.

    3. Kitaru (Alex Kerr). There might not be enough words to describe how much I appreciate him and what he did for me during my early pattern building days. Not only is he a ridiculous wealth of knowledge in all facets of Tetris (most of the time, to an overwhelming degree, lol), but he was very supportive. He encouraged me as I was growing in my pattern building skills, as well as in my secret grade and TGM skills. He also taught me things I had never known about before meeting and conversing with him. He may not be AS active in the community as he used to be, but I know he still has A LOT to offer the community, and I also believe that he has a lot more potential for growth. I suspect we will see more videos and writings from him in the years to come :).

    4. SAL. He was the first person I had seen build a "pattern" outside of what I had already seen (the secret grade). This was a great inspiration to me for what was possible. And then, when I thought I couldn't be anymore impressed with him, I saw some of his big mode videos where he completed the mode with a GM rank! I have liked big mode ever since first discovering it, but at the time, I wasn't familiar with the TGM version. I initially thought it would be fun to complete it like he did, but I had no idea just how brutal the TGM version of this mode was! But, by continually pushing myself, and with his continued inspiration fueling my desire to succeed, I eventually completed TGM big mode with a GM rank. And when that achievement was already more than enough, SAL actually sent me a direct message congratulating me; telling me that I was the third person in the world that HE KNEW OF who had completed it besides him and KAN. To top it all off, he completed big mode again with a GM on 11-11-11 and privately messaged me stating that the accomplishment was dedicated to me. Words can't describe how much this STILL means to me to this day.

    5. KAN. What can I say about him?! He's the most beast TGM3 player I've ever seen, and one of the top three greatest Tetris players in the world. Toshifumi Kan Nishioka will always hold a very special place in my "Tetris heart" :).

    6. Muf and Blink. They "run" the two main sites that got me involved in the Tetris community in the first place. We ALL owe a great amount of appreciation to these two guys, because without them, the Tetris community wouldn't even exist (at least maybe not as we have known it thus far). I also appreciate that each of them have been a friend to me throughout the various stages of my Tetris journey :).

    7. The NES Tetris Masters: Ben Mullen, Joshua Tolles, Thor Aackerlund, Jesse Kelkar, Robin Mihara, Harry Hong, Jonas Neubauer, Alex Kerr and anyone else I have forgotten to mention. NES Tetris was the first Tetris game I played, and eventually the one I first obsessed the most over. And way prior to having access to the Internet, and before I had any idea that the game had "an ending", I can at least say that I made it to level 24. I've never went back since and tried to expand on my previous abilities, but the inspiration from these people is something that will live on forever, and hopefully eventually drive me back to the NES version to see what might be possible FOR ME!

    8. Alexey Pajitnov. Of course I can't forget to mention him! When this guy's name is mentioned: 'nuff said! :)

    9. Blink and Hebo-MAI. I know I already mentioned Blink, but these two guys showed us all just how far the sport of Multi-player Tetris could be pushed, and there's still room for more!

    10. M.Bison and Kero. M.Bison (Jono Pearson) was the first "fastest player" I had seen or heard of, and was an inspiration for what was possible in the realm of "speed". Jono has also since become a good friend, and is someone who I appreciate on a personal level as well. Kero of course blew everyone's minds with a sub-20 performance, not once, but twice! Years ago, sub-20 wasn't even a thought - "how could it even be possible" is what we would've said. But now I can't help but wonder if 15s or less might be possible! :)

    11. Amnesia (Vincent Laurent) and Nahu. "Vinnie" was the first non-Japanese player that I saw dominate the TGM series, and he did it in ways that surprised me. He's definitely one of the best TGM players in the world, and I don't care if people want to disagree, lol. He has also been one of my biggest supporters, and I can't fully express in words how much I appreciate the friend he's been to me over the years. Nahu: Some people say that Nahu isn't "good", but from MY perspective, his skills CANNOT be denied. He continues to be an inspirational TGM player outside of Japan, and is one of the best TGM players in the world in my opinion. He's also a beast at Pac-Man CEDX+!!

    12. TetrisdAiSuki. This is another person that I can't say enough about. Ai (Kim) has been one of my biggest supporters, and one of the best friends I've ever had in the Tetris community. Without Kim, I may not have gotten my first "big break" (Kim is the one who posted my Super Mario build in the reddit community, which caused it to go viral).

    13. Zircean, Max and Bill. These guys have been a continued inspiration in the realm of TGM skills. I hope that I can someday go back to practicing and expanding on my TGM skills, and eventually get a few of my GM goals accomplished :).

    14. DAS and Estrelleta. Without them, who knows how long it would've been before I discovered how to do S/Z spins! Learning these spins took my pattern building to new levels.

    15. Baseballboy for helping me practice for the blind-folded challenge. I eventually completed this goal through the use of the entire Playing Forever Technique (v1) run. I hope to someday do it again and get it on camera so I can upload it to my YT channel :).

    16. Stef (Stephanie Ly). Stephanie has always been such a positive person, a good friend, and an overall ambassador for the Tetris community. I'm grateful to have met her and gotten to know her over the years :).

    17. Caffeine, perfectclear, Noogy, Ravendarksky, larrytetris, Paul676, coolmaninsano, AdasPK, Geroppa and Jujube. These people not only helped with my first Perfect Clear Study project, but they've provided continued inspiration with my studies of perfect clearing. I can't thank them enough, not only for their help and support, but for the various chats I've had with each of them along the way :).

    18. Massi4h. He created the "Infinite B2B TST" technique (or at least as close as anyone has gotten so far), and it was instrumental in my growth as a pattern builder.

    18. Blitz and Integration. These two took Tetris pattern building to a whole new level!!! It was and still is exciting, and will hopefully be an inspiration to many people in the years to come :).

    19. Sisu. Thanks for being one of my biggest supporters and for the lengths you've gone to in order to try to help me be more successful!

    20. Pineapple. She was the second "Tetris scientist" I met (Kitaru was the first, lol). She has a brilliant mind and a lot more to offer the community. Hopefully we'll see more contributions from her in the years to come!

    21. XaeL (Alex Ong). He has helped me more than once with some video production for my YouTube channel, and if it wasn't for him, there's no telling how long it might've taken to get those particular videos completed and uploaded (if at all). He's also always been willing to offer feedback and insight into various things I've asked about over the last few years - thanks Alex!

    22. Alexandra, SirJeivus, Virulent, jkwon23, NoManual, MarioThePhenom, vipjun, Agamemnon, zemus, salami_pastrami, DarthDuck and anyone else I forgot to mention. These people have all had an impact on me in one way or another, and I want to just say "thank you" to each of them :).

    23. Question_Mark. Possibly the most significant "Tetris friendship" I've had the honor of establishing. This guy is not only one of the easiest-going, super easy to talk to, friendliest guys I've ever met, but he's also one of the most brilliant persons I've ever known. ZT/JZT stacking analysis and PF v2, v3 and v3.1 are just the beginning of what's to come from this amazing young man! ("Team JS Forever" ;) )

    24. Last but not least, God. Without Him and the blessings He's poured out on me, I wouldn't be WHO I am today or WHERE I am today.

    It's too easy to NOT say something positive about someone, no matter how small the comment might be. I hope that this thread will be the start of something really positive for the entire community! :)
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  2. I’m not on your post (and after all why should I be, I don't think I ever talked with anyone on the tetris community =p) but… holy shit, that was so nice !

    I love it when people like you do that. It shows how you care about the community, and how awesome it is, and what awesome things they’ve done…
    So thanks ! :wub:
  3. Hey man! I "know of you"! :). There are so many people in the community that it's hard for me to remember them all (especially without SEEING a face to match up with a name), but I definitely appreciate everyone I've met and anyone in general who is more focused on positive energy than negative energy.

    Thanks for the kind reply, I appreciate it :)
  4. So I randomly come back to the forums and see my name in this list. Crazy.

    Thanks Shuey! You'll reach your goals!
  5. Right on man! You were one of the first people who blew my mind in the TGM arena :D. You and Kitaru were like TGM gods to me when I first started getting into TGM, and that inspiration still lives on! :)

    Thanks for the encouragement - when I eventually get back into TGM, I'll look forward to getting feedback and help from people like you, Kitaru and anyone else who is willing to help me again ;).
  6. Wow, I didn't expect to see my name.
    Thanks for the words Shuey, I really appreciate it ;)
  7. Love this write-up :D

    And cheers for the mention Shuey. Very honoured indeed :$

    - Jono
  8. I guess I ought to do a half-assed one:

    Thanks to jin8 for being part of the first TGM video I saw
    Thanks to colour_thief for making the next videos I saw, some Death action goodness that fueled my desire to play ever since.
    Thanks to whoever made Heboris as well as the clone with TAP sounds and music
    Thanks to the Texmaster dev team
    Thanks to PetitPrince's tedige, I never get enough of that
    Thanks to Kitaru for welcoming me in the TC community, being so strong and reviewing my GM like a gentleman.
    Thanks to Ai for giving me advice for so much time, eventually managing to quench a bit of my thirst for knowledge
    Thanks to Amnesia for supporting me and being an inspiration in terms of placement and of course, the French touch
    Thanks to Jago for being AMAZING at TGM1, for being a soldering champion and a funny guy
    Thanks to COL for being the Death GM that he is. A true Grandmaster can always explain his moves like you do, same as in chess :D
    Thanks to cyberguile for being crazy, and showing a thing or two, or three about being clean. Or a hundred. You have to do it!
    Thanks to Sephyr0ss for following me and showing France TGM in the best possible way
    Thanks to nicofromtokyo for giving me a headache in Street Fighter, you moron.
    Seriously, thanks Nico-sama, for showing positivity when people don't get enough of a GM, and being the French Japanese awesome guy that you are ;)
    Thanks to Yoshiki and Shoryu for being around, hope to see you guys at Stunfest!
    Thanks to Supernaze, the man! Thank you for being the source of corruption in my house, for being the devil of video games, for liking my style and making me like your style. I hope that someday you get to where I stand :)
    Thanks to everyone who got in this playlist, Inspiring Tetris stuff :
    You gave me new ways of thinking, or simply a wonderful watch. It would take me days to explain why any of these people got there and they deserve equal treatment. Maybe missing : SQR's one-handed plays and some goodness from colour_thief and KevinDDR
    Thanks to every Japanese player that I got to talk to, namely GanG'nohoho and Ataro, but also all the pier21 staff, SQR, Koryan, Kan and so many others. These guys are awesome.
    Thanks to J.SHIMADA who made a COMPLETE FUMEN of my invisible epic fail. By. Pausing. The. Video. For. Every. Block. That was just so awesome and nice!
    Thanks to every guy I met at Eindhoven, one of the best events I've been at. Thanks to the awesome TO crew, wouldn't be the same without muf's parents!
    Thanks to steadshot who has given me so many technical pieces of advice and who I like competing against. For sudden TI a winner is you!
    Thanks to user643790 who gave me support, simply was a nice guy to me and almost made me want to get back to Shirase
    Thanks to Rosti, for being a nice and funny guy, and whose messages I think are good for open-mindedness and the community (hopefully we can still have Amnesia come to Eindhoven from time to time now!)
    Thanks to Muf for being a fucking good event organiser, a rocket scientist genius and simply being there doing so much for the community to exist
    Thanks to DrPete for being a funny guy and having tried so hard and successfully to reach GM. Get it recorded man!
    Thanks to KevinDDR, for being one hell of a competitor, for getting so close to GM, and for whom motivation to get to the top is possibly unrivaled. You make me want to reach that top!
    Thanks to M.Bison for being evil, nice and artistic at the same time, who would've thought that about a dictator! I love all your videos man, keep it going :)
    Thanks to Nahucirujano and billtsar for being ridiculously good and supporting me when I was making progress
    Thanks to my parents who followed me the best they could ;)
    Thanks to the NES community for turning my brain upside-down during each video. Wonder how you guys can play such an unrewarding and frustrating game!
    Thank you Shuey for supporting nahu when no one else was paying attention, as random as it seems, it just reminded me that it's so easy trashtalking people when all that's needed is some good communication. That exercise is very good to feel like going back to it full speed

    ... OKAY it's not half-assed. I just didn't want people to feel left out.

    ... *tears his shirt* HYYYYYYYYYYPEEEEE
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  9. K


    dafuk i'm doing in this list ?! :D i'm only good at TGM1 ? :3
  10. Awesome shout-outs Qlex! Thanks for the contribution :)

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